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Most beautiful things in life disappear with age or are affected by the test of time. Henry Berkhof from JB Trading in Ede came across this 'clever poker' in France and relieved the DAF 750 DAFFODIL of an uncertain future. 

By: Dirk de Jong

He was put away by the owner because his mother was no longer able to participate in traffic. The relationship with DAF for this family went back to 1962. When the car was exported from Eindhoven (Hollande) to France. 

The DAF 750, DAFFODIL and Pick Up were introduced in September 1961. These models were equipped with a new and more powerful engine and an improved heating system. The appearance underwent a change due to the change of the grille and bumpers, while the interior of the DAF 750 DAFFODIL became more luxurious, which was mainly reflected by the trapezoidal instrument panel and a larger and more beautiful steering wheel. 

Greedy rust not yet ruthlessly struck

The top creation of van Doorne's, the DAF 750 DAFFODIL, shows that gluttonous rust has not yet taken a merciless stance. Henry is sure that this special find must remain as a monument of his time under the motto: "Steering only, gas and brake ..." In the Netherlands there is certainly still a strong connection with the 'class apart' of the DAF passenger car. 

It is wonderful that we are able to cherish an old-timer from the time when the cars still had a face, and this DAF will - despite its dusty appearance, the surface rust, the smell of birds' nests under the hood and mice in the interior - a new future to have. 

Also interesting:

It is still the Dutch glory of yesteryear, still popular with the unique technical discovery of the variomatic. Henry should receive a subsidy from our government because this sympathetic DAF 750 DAFFODIL was taken to the Netherlands to breathe new life into it for a new owner. 

This special DAF 750 DAFFODIL would certainly be on my list, this declaration of love is already the best proof of that. It remains a heart-warming childhood sentiment for many. Due to the overflowing reservoir of love for this car, I had my purse scanned, which unfortunately turned out to be too thin. 

So love has not yet disappeared. In fact; many Dutch people just want to see the DAF again. Maybe a new design? Perhaps with an electric drive? We only have to call on the driving forces behind our car manufacturer VDL. Gentlemen, amaze the world and bring the DAF back.


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