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Is it no wonder that DAF is still loosening so much? And can you suppress that emotion? When this beautiful DAF Daffodil was parked in Dokkum, it was even difficult to take a picture, the passenger car from Dutch soil attracted so much interest. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The qualities of the DAF brand ensure that copies from abroad (especially France, Germany and Sweden) are returned. There are now many DAF enthusiasts who permanently polish their image with energy and persistence. Cor and Rianne, for example, are true DAF enthusiasts who found the car in France two years ago and restored it in their own company to the beautiful condition it is now in. To be fair, a lot of welding was needed on the bottom and sills. And that the work took more than six months at intervals. In fact, restorers like this one should receive a subsidy, because with this they bring the driving heritage - our Dutch glory - back on the Dutch road. 

DAF 600 

It all started with the DAF 600, a full-fledged car that was presented at the RAI in 1958. Later a 750 version appeared and in 1963 the second type (31) came on the market as Daffodil. On this model you will see a more angular roofline and a different grille. Development continued with the Type 32 with more optical changes, such as a different nose. Then the so-called B body models came on the market, which started with the DAF 44. 

DAF commitment 

Cor: “My relationship with DAF has been going on for many years and has resulted in another by-catch. Besides the Daffodil there are two other DAFs in my former garage. A DAF 750 (which takes its name from the engine capacity) and a DAF 30 in an American version, still with the round roof and a larger grille. According to experts, there are only 22 of the DAF 30 and only 28 of the type 750 in the Netherlands. ” Now that Cor manages a campsite in Vierhouten with Rianne Verhoef, there is more time to keep all DAFs in excellent condition, and to let guests enjoy their property. 

Beautiful design 

Have a look at the beautiful low hood of the DAF Daffodil. The result is a very good view of the road. The boot lid follows the same line. The rear lights alone are a work of art. The continuously variable transmission was a technical tour de force. This made it a car that was easy to drive by everyone. 

Retro vacation trip 

A nostalgic journey from Vierhouten to Vaals, the southernmost point of the Netherlands. Then to Lauwersoog aan Zee in the far north. Hassle-free driving pleasure with this special cart during a retro holiday trip. Cor and his son Ruben (12) have again noticed that the contacts along the way are very numerous and positive. Because classic enthusiasts are predominantly fun people who would like to talk about this beautiful DAF Daffodil. Through shared passion you get in touch, you learn to appreciate each other and a friendly bond is created right away. Even the tough guys on their heavy Harley-Davidson motorcycles greet the friendliest on the road. Who says you can't show emotion when you see a beautiful classic? For Cor it was great to spend time with his son, to experience the adventure and to proudly show his hobby car. For his son Ruben a nice experience to be greeted everywhere by a broad smile and a thumbs up. 

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DAF Daffodil (1965)
DAF Daffodil (1965)
DAF Daffodil (1965)
DAF Daffodil (1965)
DAF Daffodil (1965)


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  1. The entire adventure of the only Dutch car manufacturer of any size lasted barely seventeen years, but that has nevertheless resulted in a series of great fun cars, from the 600 to the 66 Marathon Coupé 1300. And to remember that at the time Daf was accused of being insufficiently innovative to be.

    It is great that such a small manufacturer did so well! After all, in those seventeen years no fewer than nine basic models appeared and four series of air-cooled boxer engines were developed in-house and three types of Variomatic.

    Of course it loosens up something. Daf was not a thirteen in a dozen car, but always evoked an emotion. Admiration or annoyance (when once again an elderly lady simmered at a snail's pace on the main roads). But a Daf was never a gray mouse itself.

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