Daimler Sovereign: Industrial Archaeology?

Daimler Sovereign
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A desolate Daimler Sovereign, which in the past thousands of people have worked on to make something beautiful, is now ready for the Hoogovens. It's a cast-off from our throw-away society. Do you remember? 

By: Dirk de Jong

Daimler had a magical sound, it was in the allure, the comfort, the style of the design. The current state of the Daimler Sovereign can hardly be put into words. Sometimes old cars disappear very gradually and unnoticed. The dreaded oxidation process, the hideous green deposits promote the destructive power of nature. It looks like the Daimler gave up many years ago, and will no longer even serve as a 'parts warehouse'. 


Wandering over old scrap yards, behind old garages (we found these near Alkmaar) has something fascinating, you never know what you'll encounter. Because in addition to this Daimler, there were also a few exclusive scrap cars, such as a series of Rolls-Royce's in unsatable condition. So it still exists, finding classic cars by chance. 


You know the agreement of Jaguar (and Daimler) owners that the elegant cars were never allowed to appear in public with dented fenders, rusted bumpers or even dirty windows? Because: “Our mechanical exclusive parts only arrive on the road undamaged and well polished.” 


We don't know the history of this classic Brit, but it must have been a symbol of wealth for its previous owners. Perhaps even a passionate lover's object. What we do know for sure is that this Daimler returns the raw materials to nature and becomes one with Mother Earth again. You know the feeling of never getting enough of looking at old rusted and decomposing cars? 

Remains of ancient times

Unexpected finds can give you goosebumps and you may have to be a little crazy to want to reconstruct the past. It is certain that it was born out of a love for classics. Everything that has to do with our classic hobby is a responsible way of living, right?

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  1. This was indeed not necessary. With normal maintenance and preferably garage storage, this car could have been driven. Just like Pim's. But there are also NOT enthusiasts among car owners. But these stories and pictures really hurt me.

  2. I keep the most precious memories of my 1967 Daimler Sovereign with registration 90-00-AZ, which I used extensively from 1970 to 1980 for all kinds of business trips throughout Europe. He had belonged to Willem Dreesmann in Wassenaar (of V&D). He had it for hunting – he had a Bentley for the net. Like once during the Geneva Salon full of motoring journalists from reception to reception. Very comfortable, very stylish – extremely satisfying. October 13, 1980 sold to an enthusiast as I took over the 6 Jaguar XJ1 Series 1973. Years later I heard that it stood as a wreck on a market square in a Brabant town to let the children play in it. Heartbreaking.

    Photo with 50 y at showcase

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