The Moto Guzzi California III (1987-1995) Much classic for little money

Moto Guzzi California


The Moto Guzzi California III was the logical continuation of California's I and II. The third in the line of 'finally good heavy heavy V twins' that was once conceived for the American market was, now looked really American and was, according to lovers of the slender Italian line, ugly. But the buyers in America and Europe disagreed.

But with the idea in mind that the California line, which was requested by the American importer, was actually devised for the LAPD, the Los Angeles Police Department, and to bother Harley-Davidson it was a top design.

Moto Guzzi California was of course obliged to send that reputation

Thanks to the phenomenal frame design with which Carlo Tonti had put Moto Guzzi's qualities on the map. Braking was done with Moto Guzzi's integral braking system where the brake pedal operated the rear brake and the left front brake disc. The 'handbrake' worked on the right.

An Italian in an American suit

The technology was based on a motorcycle that the Italians therefore had an American 'custom look'. The large, drop-shaped tank and its rearward-running shape suggested Harley lines. The side covers were sensually vaulted. The two-stage buddy was also pure American and the thick aluminum bracket behind it too. The back light was in a number of cases a baroque chrome-plated whole that proved what strange things could happen if Italians started to shape the way they think Americans would have done it. Even the mufflers often had a dash of design. Differences in exhaust silencers and rear lights can be related to the volume of the Moto Guzzi California or to what the factory had in stock at the time.

Lots of bling bling

The Moto Guzzi California III was, as stated, well equipped with chrome parts. And that chrome often proved to be non-Italian weatherproof. The decoration was also big tourist in the American way. Such a Guzzi three was a large, luxury machine that could devour large day distances without much hurry. And the driver and possible passenger were comfortable during the entire ride.

The start of the journey naturally starts with starting and driving off. With the Cali IIIs provided with Dell 'Orto's you use the choke for that. Then the dike V twin immediately starts satisfied and booming. The shifting is on the verge of rude, but extremely clear. These Moto Guzzi Californias have southern European genes. They have such a large cooling capacity that it is best to take a while before they are at the right temperature.

What is classic?

25 years and older is classic. But for many riders, a 25-year-old motorcycle is just another motorcycle. But such a machine gets its maintenance neatly and is not afraid of two tons + on the counter.

The Moto Guzzi California III was also later injected with the Magneti Marelli brand. This version was called "Iniezione" in Italy, but the designation "E." Fuel Injection "or" Electronic Injection ". This version was specified for 67 hp and lower fuel consumption. And then there was also the 'FF' version, the 'full fairing'. A Cali III with a full tub. Which by the way was also referred to as "CIRR"


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  1. much more durable than honda and here you can still change the cylinders if there is wear. With the honda cx you can throw away the entire block

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