Decreasing old diesels has no effect on air quality

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The Haarlem court made a reasoned decision in the case of Mike van Balen and his LandRover Defender Diesel. Photo: JaguarLandrover
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The number of diesel cars with a date of first authorization for 2001 has fallen sharply in our country. Currently only 155.000 cars are registered in this category in the Netherlands. In Utrecht and Rotterdam, the decline in old diesels, in part due to the establishment of environmental zones, has been greatest.

The latter observation is not surprising, since within these cities strict enforcement is being carried out on older diesels, which have been numbered for 1 January 2001. In addition, the scrapping premium measures have not missed their effect in these cities. The announced ones also speak measures, which will come into effect on old diesels in 2019, a word with it.

Anti diesel sentiment started with the current old-timer scheme

In fact, anti-diesel sentiment has begun with the introduction of increased MRB rates around the start of this decade. Other reasons for the declining diesel popularity are the announcement and introduction of the current old-timer scheme, which came into effect on January 1 2014. For all non-suspended diesel models with an age younger than 40, the owner had to pay MRB again. It led to a defeat within the stock of old diesels. Compared to 2000, approximately a quarter of the diesel vehicles from before 2001 are left in the Netherlands. This is also due to the introduction of environmental zones. They also did not do well with regard to the older vehicles with a diesel engine. And apart from the measures with regard to old diesels: the tampering practices at manufacturers have also not contributed to a better image in relation to the vehicles with a self-ignition engine.

Distinguish between daily used diesels and heritage

The KNAC reacted through Peter Staal in the Morning Rush broadcast of BNR. He told Bas van Werven that a distinction must be made between the old polluting diesels and the real heritage. “I don't use the word smelly old diesel. The fact is that a category of diesel classics falls between two stools. If you look for example at the old Defenders with a diesel engine, you know that those cars are mainly used for enthusiasts' purposes, and that the owners invest a lot of money to keep the car moving as a hobby object. ”

Main objective not achieved, decline of old diesels not successful

“The goal of improving air quality has not been achieved in Rotterdam and Utrecht. The decline in the number of old diesels is therefore not a success, no matter how many diesels have disappeared. If the literal objective had been to reduce the share of these vehicles, we would have had a different story. "

Use European standard

Peter Staal also referred to the fact that the package of environmental measures in our country is a colorful collection of rules. “These differ per municipality, as is known. But we must achieve a European standard nationally. That is a starting point for centrally arranging matters. And it is also possible to make a distinction between heritage and vehicles for everyday use. That is already happening in London and Paris, partly because in those cities it is important to color the streets with old vehicles. ”

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  1. Old diesels that are used for hobby purposes should be exempted from motor vehicle tax with an MOT requirement and a kilometer restriction and admission to environmental zones. This in turn saves your old 'daily drivers' who use it with old smoky import diesel cars. Petrol cars from the age of 25 must be exempt in any case.

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