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Diesel is nowadays suspicious, even reprehensible. The fine dust from diesel engines is a threat to just about everything. No particle filter or tamper electronics help with that. By clear reasoning, government and government have made that clear. We classic lovers too are saddled with that realization. And we are not allowed to go anywhere, drive or be as owners of a diesel-fired classic. The fact that we are saving the world with that should make our government and all exporters of Chinese coal-fired power plants overjoyed.

Diesel and alternatives

We dream of having our classics run on kerosene. That is duty free and aircraft fly on it. And when you say 'plane', you say 'Schiphol' and you don't even think about the environment anymore. But the combustion engines in or under our classics didn't like kerosene.

Diesel was a great fuel for ever better engines. And that you were once seen as a full-time colleague as a Mercedes 200D driver by truckers? That was great. And that such a dog-loyal diesel just ran 10 km / h faster in cold, foggy weather? That was tuning 1.0.

In the meantime, diesels and classic diesels have been given the blame. And for those of us who are hypersensitive to that term:

A Black Pete who is allowed

The term 'hand over to someone the black pete' comes from the card game of the same name 'black pete'. In this game, the jack of spades is called the black pete and you as a player are not supposed to end up with the jack of spades. The person who is the last to have the jack of spades has lost the game and is therefore the black pete. In the black pet game, both the holder of the card and the card itself are called the black pet. Zwarte Piet is therefore used here as a term for accident and has been around for several hundred years.

Diesel classics are now extremely cheap

In the meantime, the prices of classic and young-timer diesels have plummeted more than the value of the Argentine Peso. And that creates opportunities. Because for decades the 'diesels' have been representatives within the car range. Of just about all the classics that you can imagine there was a - now very difficult to sell - diesel version.

Diesels as construction sets

It was therefore convenient for manufacturers to keep the differences between gasoline models and diesels as small as possible from a cost perspective. It is therefore generally not witchcraft to equip a diesel-stuck youngtimer or classic with a gasoline engine from the same model line. And depending on whether the car is older, the conversion is easier. Look in advance at the differences in the braking system and at possible differences in the gear ratios. But further? Furthermore, it is just a matter of hanging things in and going.

The new match

That is why it is now best to consider buying the most beautiful classic diesel possible. Petrol engines for the diesels known to us are sufficient, and they are not expensive. With the conversion and the purchase of some new emblems, you can therefore enjoy great classic driving. And why wouldn't you do this conversion job this winter?

Completely legal

This approach naturally includes a visit to the RDW to make the case legal on registration. It is a 'breach' of the original, but remains an approach with much more respect for the original than the conversion of a classic to fully electric drive.

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  1. the vacation will be much more expensive if I first have to convert my camper to gasoline or electric.
    I believe that most motorhomes run on diesel, how are we going to do that
    our government will be a concern. if you are not going on vacation, and that camper can go to the demolition, then it is worth nothing more

  2. Regardless of whether or not Zwarte Piet, the soot particles that diesel engines emit are not fine but coarse particles! Norit. Not harmful to your health, because they travel through your body and at most cause some constipation. Modern cars, with particulate filters that get clogged because the journeys are often too short for the engine to warm up, emit particulate matter. Contradictory, isn't it?

  3. @ Rjab,

    As far as I can remember, the Elsbett engine was a modified MAN 3-cylinder engine ...

    I read about it once in the early 80's and it has always stayed with me ...

    Also (or precisely) in the 90's when half of the Netherlands suddenly went on vegetable oil Dieselen I already said, yeah, I already knew that this was possible!

    The Elsbett was so efficient that it hardly got warm, all the energy went 'to the crankshaft' and all it took was an oil cooler to keep it up to temperature. to keep…

    Nice concept which unfortunately was turned around early at the time….

    And @ hr. D. Peeters, you mean I think Chinese operators! 🤭😉👍🏽

  4. Hello.
    I rode a golf TDI from 1997 16 years ago !!!!! and it ran great on 90% lettuce oil and pure sunflower oil. Don't be fooled by !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the Achterhoek, all those young guests drive up whole pallets of salad oil with waves and fires, and he runs even better on it. In addition, a wave of diesel has traditionally been designed to run on bio fuel, but hardly anyone knows that. naturally it is all about money for our grabbing robbers in the hague.
    Put the heads together as a motorist and take action !!!!! But the Dutchman just picks up everything. WHAT !!!!!

  5. After reading Maurice's excellent commentary where he ends with "I don't understand anymore" I want to clarify this.
    I understand, it's about money, you and my money.
    Some time ago I heard a business bobo on the news, just back from a climate conference, with the plane of course, saying "it's a beautiful earn model".
    This confirms again what I already know, we are, excuse moi, sewn.
    Why else would a classic LPG, a very clean fuel, not be eligible for the old-timers transition rule?
    Whether an air / air heat pump is not eligible for subsidy?
    With such a heat pump, not purchased because of the environment but the wallet, I will soon enter the 7e winter and have never had it cold at home.
    But imagine, almost all chain stores use such a system, that we all have to subsidize it.
    And such a Tesla is really clean, my neighbor has such a thing and recently has 3 trees, you know about those green CO2 slurpers, cut down in his garden because they give possible shadow to his newly purchased solar panels.
    But that's not Tesla's fault, right?
    And when it is going to be a nice winter, lights, wipers and heater on, resulting in an empty battery, a roadway is closed with huge traffic jams and emissions as a result of which there is such a stinking diesel, I know from where, must come to get him away to drag.
    But in the meantime, that Tesla is really very clean.
    And if that Tesla battery needs to be replaced, it will later be passed on to Jan with the cap with his solar panels, which can fine buffer its excess yield and then become the big polluter and will pay heavily for it.
    And that Tesla? very clean, so no more talking about Tesla's and such because they are going to save the world.

  6. Can't you make PURE NATURAL cooking oil in such an old diesel? Understand that was why the Polish carpenter kept driving this kind of car for so long. To empty to the border and then fill with salad oil from Aldi. Keep your weekend trip affordable.
    There has also been a project called the elsbet (?) Engine and was no more than a converted MB that fired rapeseed oil. What I think is better than burning food (salad oil or Ethanol from corn).

    • Only driving sunflower or salad oil is almost impossible. Experience has shown that 2/3 'normal' diesel and 1/3 sunflower oil are a good mix to start. After adding sunflower oil you have to drive a few laps to mix the 2 types of oil. If you don't do that, the heavier sunflower oil will be added to the injection and it will say BOOM. This also from our own experience!

    • I organized an exhibition around 2005 in Sint Maarten and there we picked up a few drivers with a Mercedes diesel converted (around 200 euros) to run on discarded frying oil. Drove well and there it was easy to organize there. The joke was also that the Chinese restaurants had such bad oil that my acquaintance made a deal with them so that he bought better oil for them so that he also had better oil for his company. He had a gas station for a while for this oil. In the Netherlands there is not enough and very complicated due to the multiplicity of rules. And I agree with earlier conclusion; of course it's about money. Government is really not waiting for everyone to go off-grid. Firstly, that is not even possible here, but it is also legally blocked. This obligation to connect is the basis for being able to pay for energy transition. If consumption decreases in the Netherlands, the energy tax will simply increase. In itself it is only a shame that this is not simply said.

  7. In the past, soot diesels were just about the norm. Nowadays diesels are cleaner engines. The fight against diesel is being used to get the new revenue model, the electric drive, through. Remember that nowadays a lot of energy from a Tesla battery still comes from highly polluting coal-fired power stations and the ever-increasing brown coal-fired power stations from Mutti Merkel and that a lithium-ion battery is being produced and possibly produced. recycling constitutes a heavy environmental burden. And the clean wind energy for every turbine requires environmentally unfriendly 1200 tons of steel with an 650 tons generator on it with environmentally-unfriendly fiberglass polyester blades. This is called 'green energy'. Nitswitsen in the government take hasty and silly decisions. Remkes knows for sure that a lot less nitrogen will be generated by reducing the max. Speed ​​with 30km / h. This while not being measured but only being calculated. Some study of merits combustion engines would let the former minister tell a different story. Truck speeds are not adjusted while they cause the most misery. The passenger car as an outcast. In fact, not much is true of the government's story on these points. Remkes is also completely wrong. But anyhow we will have to believe it. Because oh oh oh, what are we doing badly with our affordable diesels that emit much less nitrogen than a Tesla does now. I do not understand it anymore

  8. In this light I unfortunately have to admit that if you chase a 200D-like with a lot of experience for a longer period of time, you will automatically become a Zwarte Piet ...

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