The difference between individuals and traders

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The difference between individuals and traders
That can be a great buy

The difference between individuals and traders. Maybe it's a good idea to buy a classic motorcycle this summer.

If that idea is up to date, then you will soon be in a field of tension between individuals and traders (And traders who pose as private individuals.)

And in that area of ​​tension we work with different prices and expectations.

An engine that is offered at a dealer is viewed differently by the dealer than by the seller. The trader sees a possible contribution in his earnings model with possible overdue maintenance and possible repairs in the offing.

To make the motorcycle ready for sale, the trader usually has to calculate working hours and material. And then of course he still has to take his win.

Of course, classic motorcycles are not machines that are guaranteed. But an established trader will not want to jeopardize his reputation by making the picture more beautiful than it is.

But there are suppliers of classic engines who want the grand prize and who offer their bikes themselves. This provides a possible pleasant negotiating space.

Unfortunately, we have too often experienced that the dream bike from the ad turned out to be a nightmare after purchase. Even if it is a technically and visually almost perfect Laverda SFC, which turns out not to be a purebred SFC.

With respect for all honest suppliers, we would therefore ask you to be extremely careful when purchasing a classic motorcycle from private individuals. Always bring an emotionally uninvolved, technically informed knowledge and realize that you can always look at the next copy.

Just a tip: Check with private individuals on the date of transfer of the license plate. If it is a reassuring time ago, then the chance that you are dealing with a professional person is already considerably greater. The difference between private individuals and traders is then immediately clear.

Finally, we naturally praise all private individuals who, due to whatever circumstances, offer their classic for sale because they are simply looking for another enthusiast.

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