Difficult carburetors

Carburetor 1
ER Classics Desktop 2022

AUDIMany classic enthusiasts are not so fond of fuel injection: “Too complicated”. No, then carburettors, that's clear technology ...

Well, maybe it was until the '70 years, but after that the demands made on these types of gas factories became such that they lost most of their simplicity.

In any case, that was the conclusion after a lot of strange carburizing problems with one Triumph from 1991 (thanks to Carburetor 1Kat Motoren for targeted assistance) and at the recently introduced Audi CD 1900 cc five-cylinder with aluminum block and… Keihin carburetor.

The Audi had serious choke problems. And that is a nuisance with a classic that just goes through the winter. But just when you take the air filter off you already startle: there is a very serious piece of technology underneath that air filter. A highlight ... Fortunately, there is the workshop manual ...

KeihinFor the time being the scholars are bending over it. It'll be fine.

But say for yourself: The Keihin just looks like an incomprehensible Oriental ...


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