Dinitrol anti-rust treatment. Rust does not rest

Dinitrol anti-rust treatment
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Years ago, a technician from my then classic association advised me to have my newly purchased, as a new-looking classic, tectylated. I then followed that advice and I never regretted it. So the idea was to do the same in my follow-up classic. I ended up at a company that gave my Volvo 240 a Dinitrol anti-rust treatment.

After a number of years I had a repeat service and recently, after fourteen years, I sold my loyal workhorse with the sheet metal in excellent condition. As a successor, I bought a perfect-looking Volvo 240. And I decided to immediately have that car given an anti-rust treatment. However, that was not easy to arrange. Environmental legislation, improved sheet metal and anti-rust warranty on almost all car brands have drastically reduced the number of tectylation companies. After many wanderings, I still found one that also proved to have a suitable lift bridge and the required craftsmanship.

Dinitrol anti-rust treatment

The Volvo appeared to be well maintained. Given the experiences with the preservation of the previous car, I decided to also give this car a thorough anti-rust treatment. Upon inquiry, it turns out that there are enough sheet metal workers who give the repaired spots an anti-rust treatment during repair work. But there are not many companies that can give a whole car a complete cleaning and a complete thorough treatment. Certainly not if you come with a car with thirty / forty years of road experience. I ended up at the Dinitrol Anti-Roest Center in Leeuwarden. The impressively professionally designed company building, the service and the craftsmanship impressed me so much that I do not want to withhold this address from other classic drivers.

Few specialists are more active

Mr. Gosliga explained to me that of the nearly 100 Dinitrol companies, only a few are still active. These have united in the past to achieve the degree of standardization and quality assurance previously used by the Dinitrol RML Companies. The anti-rust products used come from the originally Swedish / Swiss Dinol group, which is active in various fields of industrial anti-rust treatment. 

In addition to the usual modern cars, the Leeuwarder company treats many expensive old-timers, vans, light buses, campers, passenger cars and 4WD cars. These are first thoroughly cleaned in a separate department and after drying and an extensive check on vulnerable or hard to reach points are subjected to an initial treatment. Of all brands and types, the details and points of attention are known so that no spot is left untreated.

Het proces

Such a treatment plan includes, in addition to washing and drying, misting all cavities with ML and Dinitrol 1000. The bottom of the body and chassis are also treated with ML. Then the whole chassis is treated with an extra tough wear-resistant layer (Sealant). Then the car is degreased and where necessary waxed and polished. 

Gosliga recommends making an appointment for a repeat inspection after 3 to 4 years, depending on the conditions of use and storage. After 2 to 3 years you can have the car checked free of charge, with the exception that no cleaning costs are payable, except for any cleaning. 

For new cars but certainly also for classics, the amount invested for the preservation of the precious possession is only a fraction of the purchase price. I paid just under a thousand euros for the treatment of my Volvo. For each classic car, this will depend, among other things, on the size, design and any additional cleaning costs for older coatings and or a lot of rust damage. 

My personal experience is that, despite the better quality of the sheet metal in the youngest classics nowadays, it is certainly worthwhile to have your precious carriage pampered by those men in Leeuwarden. You can find them at Schenkenschans 2 8912 AL in Leeuwarden. Tel 058-2130850.

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  1. I have the same experience as Mr Van Wieren. under the hood a mess, rear over the exhaust inside skipped. Forget door sills, never come again. R32 had with Span in Hoogkerk. Tectyl ML. Product may be of lesser quality, but softening much better. Super neat.

  2. Volvo classics Dries Bakkenes in Barneveld is also an excellent address to have Volvo (they also treat other brands) treated or even professionally restored, whether or not together with the customer, to save costs.
    Craftsmanship is mastery!

  3. Unfortunately, I cannot share your enthusiasm for this company.
    After having survived the first thirty years of its existence, having the car Tectylated seemed like a good idea to me.
    First together with the HR. Gosliga, viewed from the inside through an endoscope
    He expressed his amazement at how good it still looked and we made an appointment.
    But when the car was brought in, a completely different amount was mentioned than previously discussed.
    However, this was changed in a sporty way, after all I had nothing black on white.
    Maybe this was a pain point because I received a call very quickly that the car was ready and could be picked up.
    Much faster than was told and probably too fast, only the clean spraying and drying would take longer, but I was confident.
    On the Afsluitdijk, however, I soon had to step aside for a lot of noise behind the car, they had forgotten to secure the spare wheel carrier.
    When I got home I found under the spare wheel in the back of the car a hand parkers of the inner lining, so do that yourself.
    When, after some time, contrary to expectations, the front screens started to show on top of blisters, after disassembly I found a layer, well sealed and still moist blubber.
    Still later, the window frame under the windshield also started to be difficult to do.
    Made a hole in the doorway at the height of the window frame and a strong magnet was passed along it, a lot of loose dry rust and not a drop of wax.
    Still, I cannot blame them for having been too economical with that wax, especially in the engine compartment there was plenty of that white gunk.
    So I was not so satisfied

  4. In Barneveld there are 2 companies that do complete anti-rust treatments.
    Volvo classics and Henk Brons.
    But they also use Fluid Film fine stuff.

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