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Summer time, rust prevention time

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Summer time, rust prevention time

Now it's dry and warm. You don't think about wetness and rust. Yet this is a great time to protect your classic from rust. Because the factory probably didn't think about that.

Rust prevention started around the end of the seventies. Until that time, cars were not actually protected against rust. The various protection systems were generally based on petroleum products.

One of the first serious players in the rust prevention area was Dinitrol. A product that, unlike its largest competitor, remained flexible and soft. This makes it less susceptible to damage and letting go due to drying out.

AutoMotorKlassiek was a guest at our back neighbor, Garage Berben. The Ulftse classic Citroën specialist had a Dinitrol Apostle from Leeuwarden on the floor. Our advertiser Gosliga & Son has been there for a quarter of a century.

In 1989, Pier Gosliga, owner of a garage company and a gas station, took over the Dinitrol location in Leeuwarden. At the time, a small company with only one employee, located for years on a location without much perspective.

In 2014, the Frisians are looking for staff in a beautiful, new and large building. Because there is much to be saved. And the fact that the field consists not only of classics, but also of many campers and more and more fire trucks makes it even more fun.

A Dinitrol treatment is done after inspection of your car. And his quite shiny cars have not been taken into consideration because they were terminally rusted in the darkness.

But if your classic has passed its entrance exam after an examination with an endoscope, then you must count on it to miss it for a week. The complete treatment of an exotic such as the DS Cabrio in the photo can just take longer. A good part of the time is spent on cleaning and drying the soil and the cavities.

In Ulft, a dozen customers were given a day of information, a lunch, lots of fun and the possibility to have their voices checked internally.

Gosliga wants to take care of that kind of promotion for your company or club. You will receive a fixed price quote for the treatment.

After the treatment you are welcome every year for a free checkup. And if that results in a clandition, that is a bonus, for you, for the club and for Gosliga.
A win-win-win situation.



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