The Diplomat. The German Chevy

Opel Diplomat_B in AMK 12
ER Classics Desktop 2022

AMK issue 12 contains the story about the big Opels: the Diplomat B's.

Those cars combined the best of GM: the German reliability, and in the top case a V8. Despite the fact that the six in line were also not at all fold.

They are impressive, high-performance cars of the size XXL. Their sleek styling is Teutoons. Their handling is something that the Americans can suck a point on.

They are scarce and increasingly sought after.

And that is right.

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Now in store

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The May issue, containing:

  • Chevrolet Corvair Monza sports sedan
  • Fiat 238
  • Honda TL250
  • Renault Megane Coupe
  • Revision of hydraulically operated brake calipers - Part 1
  • Volkswagen 411
  • Volvo Duet restoration.
cover amk 5 2022 300

The perfect reading material for an evening or more of undisturbed dreaming. It is now in stores. A subscription is of course better, because then you will no longer miss a number and you are also € 27 cheaper. Not bad in these expensive times.

A Kreidler egg tank Dutch Floretts have their history. In no country in the world were there around the 1960s as many mopeds per inhabitant as in the Netherlands. No wonder a major producer like Kreidler wanted to make some adjustments for that.

A scooter. Kreidler egg tank

Engine cleaning agents. For internal use ...