DKW Club Nederland exists 40 year this weekend

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The DKW Club Nederland exists on 22 November, the upcoming 40 year. The club connects owners of two-stroke motor vehicles with Auto Union and DKW logos on the hood since the end of 1975. The association was established for the purpose of maintaining the DKW / Auto Union dual heritage and driving it together. In the forty years of its existence, the jubilee association grew into the largest DKW club in the world.

The DKW Club Nederland is more than a collection of passionate enthusiasts. Much more in fact. A complete organization is hidden behind the experience of the shared hobby. An event organization including coordinator, warehouses with parts for cars and motorcycles (Zwolle) and mopeds (Helmond). There is also a subdivision according to well-cooperating regions. This division into departments indicates the scope and diversity of activities of the DKW Club Nederland. The club also has a truly categorized source of information. Members of the club can contact specialized DKW technicians per vehicle category for various types of cars, motorcycles and their technology. They have an answer for every question. The lover of DKW paraphernalia can turn to a webshop with an extensive range of articles related to the “two-stroke brand”. Finally, the members receive a concise club magazine five times a year, which includes a report on the restoration, events and an interesting package of information regarding the brand history.

The DKW Club Netherlands - the largest DKW club in the world - has been on 22 November 2015 for forty years. Photo: Erik van Putten
The DKW Club Netherlands - the largest DKW club in the world - has been on 22 November 2015 for forty years. The club connects lovers of "two-character" with the brand names DKW and Auto Union. Photo: Erik van Putten

Many activities
The association does a lot for its members. It grew because of a diversity of activities. There are regular events both inland and abroad. This could include camping events, coffee chat meetings, key days and valuation days. Events abroad are also visited, whether or not as part of an association.

"In prosperity and adversity"
Roel and Wardje van Drogen - DKW / Auto Union drivers and enthusiasts since 1981 - are two of the members who play a prominent role within the DKW Club. Wardje is a board member and event coordinator. Roel is manager of the warehouse in Zwolle. Recently we spoke to the DKW and Auto Union loving couple. “The true secret of the club has several fathers and mothers. Preserving and driving the heritage of this beautiful brand is an important starting point, which we all implement in several ways. But that is not the only objective. It's also about making our members feel at home. The social role of the club is significant. We are always there for each other. For better or worse. ”

Many DKW clubs worldwide
Worldwide there are more than forty DKW clubs in 24 countries (from Finland to South Africa, from New Zealand to Argentina). It may therefore be called a major achievement that the Dutch DKW club grew to become the largest in the world in its 40th anniversary. And a sympathetic club too, which in the meantime celebrated its 40 anniversary with a camping weekend in De Maurik neighborhood, in the Land van Cuijk.

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  1. Hello
    My father died. Then his old black / burgundy red DKW from 1938 was sold. Who again where his car stayed. I can send a photo or license plate if necessary. My father was a DKW member. I would like to get in touch. With people who know my father or his DKW. This for a special question for my daughter. Will you help me with this.
    My father was Nico Bogerd from Nieuwland.
    Pleasse help us with this.

  2. Hallo,

    ich wohne in dresden.
    I own

    1 DKW F 8 Luxus Cabriolet Bj. 1939
    1 DKW Sonderclass Limousine 1938
    1 DKW Sonderclass Cabrio Limousine.

    Diese Fahrzeuge möchte ich aus altersgründen Verkaufen.
    Vielleicht is Interested da.

    Christian Ulbrich

    Tel 049 351 4676680

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