Do powder coating yourself

Powder coating yourself
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Powder coating yourself is not that difficult. One of the main advantages of powder coating is that the coating is built up to the desired thickness, after which it starts to have an insulating effect and further build-up is prevented. So very easy and experience is hardly necessary.

There are two important things about powder coating yourself

'Cleaning' (that can be done in a dishwasher or sink). Your partner will not appreciate the use of the dishwasher. The 'curing', the baking of the powder coating. Don't take it for granted that your partner will be very happy when you put it in the oven at home.


After the object has been provided with the powder layer, it must be 'cured'. This is best done in an electric oven. Most coatings can fully cure at 180 degrees in about ten minutes. This means that the entire process in an average oven takes about twenty minutes from start to finish, including heating up the oven. Just let the part cool down and it is ready to be used.

What does it take?

You can also do the powder coating yourself. For example, at Vocor International BV we found a complete set including a spray gun with lance, foot switch, moisture separator, powder containers, electrostatic base unit and two spare nozzles. We think that with half a kilo of black powder a nice base to start. Price: about € 250.

Not too high demands are placed on the compressor. With a typical home and garden compressor from the hardware store, you are soon ready.

Powder coating, DIY. Curing, baking the coating is a completely different story

It will in practice revolve around the size of the parts. An old electric oven (the cycle, starting at ten) is obvious. Other methods are, for example, infrared drying or simply with the paint stripper. The latter is a lot slower, centimeter by centimeter.
But for the best result, an even heating is optimal.

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