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Kawasaki LTD
He should have been 30 centimeters taller
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So the Kawasaki LTD. And if it's a Kawasaki LTD Z454, it's almost the same thing, but it's from the States. And if 25 + is 'classic', then such a Small Kawa custom can now be classic. But whether it is a classic? Or being? We saw a ZGAN copy being sold this weekend. For 400 euros.

Kewl like a pug on speed

Kewl cruising is not an option on such a Kawaatje. The proportions of the machine and that between man and machine are usually good for a compassionate look or at most for lack of interest if the rider M / V is a beautiful young lady. “It's a rabbit, and it doesn't look like it” concluded friend Gijs once about these attempts by Kawasaki to do something that was not razor-sharp sporty & dynamic.

Yet the awkward styling of this small customs was common at the time. The greatest 'style characteristic' at the time was that even every Western layman saw that the proportions were wrong. That is why it was a celebration when Suzuki introduced the Intruder line: the lines of that were correct.

Back to the 'Limiteds'.

Such a Kawaatje is easy to handle. Also for shorter-time people. But there is a structural "VOUD!" in the concept: Below these light motorcycles, this relaxed-looking custom, is a motorcycle block that wants to run screaming to deliver its torque and power.

But hey, as long as you drive at a constant pace, you can live with that. And then you miss the missing 'bottom power'; not really either. But that in a catch-up action you first have to switch two gears back, that is not des customs. Little can be said about the handling of the Kawasaki. Despite the kewl lowered front fork, the twin sends in easily. Only in angled bends does he tend to 'fall into the bend'. But you can live with that. The soft suspension makes the Kawasaki somewhat sensitive to ridges and so in the road surface. That sometimes causes some instability, but does not get frightening quickly.

Drivers M / V of max. 180 cm sit and do not even drive uncomfortably on an 450 or 454. The only thing is that the seat in the buddy makes it virtually impossible to move. And that on longer journeys (but who hurts them on such a deadly muckle?) Nevertheless hurts the butt and lower back. And passengers? You should never take that with you. Too little space.

If you want to buy one

Used Kawasaki LTDs have generally run very few kilometers. That's a good thing too. Because the 100.000 trouble-free kilometers that many of his contemporaries ran are not feasible for these 'half Z900s'. With half the full ton, such a Limited block is usually used up. The fact that the camshaft chain starts rattling much worse is usually no problem. The timing belt drive to the rear wheel often has a service life of 40.000 km. That's fine. The paintwork on the weld seams is moderate and the outlets also have a limited shelf life after opening. The dividers in the dampers often want to start for themselves.


Such a small Kawasaki LTD will one day get curiosity value due to its distinctive styling. From the time when the Japanese had not yet realized that they needed more torque and more straight lines to get a kewle cruiser. Now, such a Kawasaki LTD is more like a pug. But if it ever became something, then it is now time to strike. Think of a few dollars for a nice copy. And bear in mind that a beautiful 'old skool' Jawa 350 could raise a maximum of 1.500 a few years ago, and is now worth 5.000 euros.

Quite a few Kawasaki LTDs are relieved of their suffering by drastically renovating them. Sometimes they get pretty well done.

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