Dream bikes and the reality of every day

dream bikes
The T120 Bonneville
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Dream bikes and the reality of every day

I used to look for a kit of one in a model store Triumph T150 V. The store did not have that. The shopkeeper asked why I was looking for something like that. "I have one in the shed and I want one in the house". That surprised the middle class. “People don't buy models of what they have. They buy models that they dream about ”. That was my lead for old iron. I left the Hilversum store without a T150 model.

But if there is such a difference between having and dreaming, I don't think it should be just that moment. Many of the dream bikes from the sixties-eighties were indeed financially unmanageable at the time for the then - in average age much younger - motorcyclists. And a number of those engines from this compound 'roughly Top Ten list' of dream engines are still priceless for many of us. Fortunately, the range of construction sets has grown ...

And maybe that's a great solution. For us, of course, it sounds like just a small patch on the wound, but the old proverb is not "Owning the saeck is the end of the vermaeck".

In any case, let's keep dreaming ...

The sixties

1 The Triumph T120 Bonneville
2 The Kawasaki 500 Mach III
3The Honda CB450 Black Bomber / K1
The BSA Gold Stars
The BMW R69S
The Suzuki T20
The Velo 500 Thruxton

And in the seventies were the dream toppers

1 The Honda CB 750 F
2 The Kawasaki 750 H2
3 The Norton Commands
The 750-900 SS sucs
The 900 cc Kawa four-pits
The BMW R90S
The Honda CBX 1000
The Moto Guzi Le Mans

In the eighties we dreamed of

1 Suzuki 750 GSX-R
2.Yamaha's Vmax
3.The Yamaha 350 RDLC. And that is the only one of the dream bikes from when it is still affordable ...
Suzuki's 500 RG
Yamaha's 500 RDLC
The Ducati 900 MHR
The Honfa VFR 750 and the Kawa GPZ 900 Ninja
The Suzuki 1100 GSX Katana

That was a surprise: there are even scale models of dream women….

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  • Duplicate type designations - Part XVI
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