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Auto Motor Klassiek is our revenue model in print. The site is our 'serving model'. The site is free and we have something new to report every day of the year. We enjoy that and the large number of daily visitors that proves that we are not the only ones there.

Of course we hope that all visitors to the site like this dirt cheap subscription op Auto Motor Klassiek as appreciation for the time invested by us. So please put such a subscription on your list of good intentions for 2021.

A piece of insight into the market

Filling such a daily site has its production time and space limitations. Fortunately, we get a lot of 'inspiration' from the readers and advertisers corner. And that information can vary from the discovery of a Chang Jiang project with an asking price of 750 euros to the tip about a Mercedes 600 limo, of which the first thought was that it would have belonged to Idi Amin. By the way, when that car was found, it had just been abandoned by a rock band that had used it as a company car. Through our foreign contacts we got the tip that there was (and is) a unique Bentley in Mercedes looks for sale in the States.

Fun can be affordable

Funnily enough, the posts that get the most responses aren't those about unreachable dream classics. A lot of our emotions are, endearingly enough, apparently in the corner of the cars and motorcycles that family members and ourselves used to drive.

And with that we immediately take the sting out of the story that classic driving has become priceless. Because sometimes in our resentment about classic prices it seems as if Rolls-Royces, Ferraris and Shelby Mustangs were once affordable for 'normal' people. Of course, we are now in a time when there are simply too many people with meaningless amounts of money who are converting their frustration about the low interest rate into an 'investment model' and thereby pulling market segments out of every form of reasonableness. Ex-students who used to drive Ducks worth a hundred guilders really do not understand why € 25.000 is now just tapped for a 2CV. And such an amount for a Duck is of course completely mad. So in that regard, we should just be happy for classic traders and take comfort in the idea that investors and investors simply don't like their stuff.

The offer is wide

But there is still a huge selection of fun, affordable classics. So those are the examples mentioned that we, when we were even less experienced in life, just saw driving on the street or had. At the time, they were typically in the lower to mid-range segment, and they were vehicles that may have been named 'Car of the Year' but were not designed for eternity with a high historical sense. With the proud winners of the then Car of the Year concept, things went quite wrong in terms of sales successes. There were even those who saw the title as a curse.

The law of large numbers

Many of the sales successes of our younger years have been made. But because they were often unpretentious in fact, almost as many have disappeared in the mists of time. Funny and fortunately, the fairly scarce survivors have not become unaffordable. Usually their technology (until about 1990) is easy to understand and the parts supply is still at a reasonable to good level. And that is a pleasant conclusion.

Moreover, a number of people have emerged at the 'bottom' of the market who simply offer nice classics for little money. A neat Vauxhall Viva for 1.450 euros. A Yamaha RD250 for 1.250 euros. Those kind of things. Those men opted for small profits and quick turnovers. That seems to work nicely.

The editors of Auto Motor Klassiek wishes you all an excellent 2021. Thank you for reading the past years and see you next year.





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  1. All credit to your daily publications. I sometimes buy the numbers separately, when I see that there is something “worth buying” to read for me. It is almost always about cars that I have driven myself, (or my father!) Yes, and I keep them… As a boy I already found cars very interesting, and later, as a mechanic, also the technology.
    Beautiful magazine and nice columns, hope you continue like this in the coming years. In any case, all the best for the new year.

  2. About 5 months ago I ordered an uaz bukhanka and did some googling for information about this device. While googling I came across an article about the bukhanka that led me to amk. It was about the 'mud brown' uaz that Dolf described so beautifully.
    Ever since then, I read the beautiful stories every day and I recognize a lot of events that every classic enthusiast has to deal with. Absolutely wonderful to read!

    From now on I have subscribed to the magazine and I am very curious because I have never been able to obtain the paper version.

    Keep up the good work guys !!
    Thanks, from Belgium.

  3. I also like to read you “daily”, I like to save them for hours of reading and occasional writing pleasure. I work and train in swimming pools so read a lot here lately.
    Now that practically all stores are closed, it is difficult to buy a single AMK to browse through. Tomorrow I have to be in the Loosduinse Hoofdstraat in a tobacco shop, maybe I can snatch one there.
    Thanks and 2021 we will get through with your pieces !!

  4. The AMK statement in Print is our revenue model and digital, our daily service model, shows how the sheets have been divided up to date.
    But as a former publisher of 'special interest magazines' I also see this 'service model' as a revenue model.
    In my 40-year career, our earnings model consisted of one-sided communication with the reader from three sources of income, the subscriber, the advertiser and the so-called 'Individual sales' via the regular bookstores and kiosks.
    It is precisely this last pillar, single-copy sales, that was our fishing pond for subscribers for many years. But… due to the monopolization of distributors, limited shelf space at bookstores and… not to mention supermarkets, there was a very strong selection based on turnover speed and no longer on a coherent supply. We now see the consequences!
    In order to generate a good offer in 'single sale', we aimed with all colleagues for a return percentage of less than 50% !!! - because - you weren't there, you weren't there!

    And then ... the 'potential' subscriber only had to pull his 'cut' after a choice in a jungle of offerings.
    Seen in this light, the described 'service model' has nevertheless been transformed into a 'earnings model', whereby 'we' as publishers are no longer under guardianship of; distributors, bookstores etc, but can inform and interest our potential subscribers 'easily'.
    In addition to my printing experience with you, you also delight me digitally every day.

    Also gives a sense of independence from the distributor, bookstores and supermarkets, but does justice to the 'real' target group, which is not always the regular visitor of the bookstore.

    Which I do struggle with in the interest of the “Youth” in our beautiful hobby.

    As a seasoned oldtimer enthusiast, owner of a Jaguar XJ8 exclusive and a Landrover S1, it hurt my last Christmas that my grandson (10) showed me at home in all the digital possibilities of the Tesla purchased by my father ...

    AMK - keep it up - is our “Fishpond”!

  5. So, just let my classic (a Duck) warm up in the driveway for fifteen minutes and then continue with hibernation. Then read another entertaining piece in the daily digital version of your magazine.

    I also think that the 25 grand for a Duck is crazy, but that is because there are companies that actually carry out an economically irresponsible restoration and that must of course earn itself back, but even more drunken is that apparently there are people who Then pay 25 grand.

    I enjoy the articles and became a subscriber this year. Will also send in some photos soon.

    Have a great year and hopefully many nice kilometers and nice fairs, and stay healthy!

  6. every evening reading these articles is a breather in the hectic world. Beautiful documentation and beautifully written.
    Also regularly send articles to family or acquaintances, if they think that they would appreciate it (usually with a car that they also owned)
    Became a subscriber at the end of 2020 and that feels good.
    Hope to continue like this in 2021.

    Greetings Anne van Vaals, Berltsum

  7. I always like to read the daily columns and luckily I live at "post distance" from Ulft. That is why the AMK is in my closet together with “Het Automobiel” from nr. 1.
    The Automobile has unfortunately stopped, but I continue to enjoy reading AMK.
    Greetings and lots of writing inspiration for 2021

  8. I enjoy reading the daily columns and articles. Thank you for the informative and often entertaining content! A subscription is not included, unfortunately, as the postal delivery to Nigeria can be called 'unreliable', to say the least. All the best for a hopefully better 2021!

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