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Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6. Driving with a smile

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Jeroen Nijmeijer from Noordscheschut - near Hoogeveen - worked for years on the revival of his Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV6. With the exceptionally friendly Drent, we made, among other things, the registrar of the GTV types within the SCARB and a report. You will elaborate on this in the future Auto Motor Klassiek read. However, we did not want to deny you a taste. We were very enthusiastic about the course of the day and the experiences with the Alfetta GTV6.

Because it is special, the Alfetta GTV6 from Nijmeijer. Years of restoration work resulted in a unique Alfa Romeo in rare trim. The GTV6 sprayed in Grigio Nube is not equipped with the 2.5 V6 Bus engine with which he once left the factory. Also the engine is not drilled by Savali. Nijmeijer bought the car with an 3.0 V6 engine from the Alfa Romeo 164 in the front. Technical modifications gave this specific and intensely beautifully restored GTV6 a power extension to around 200 HP. The leaf reportage is not yet available. We can already reveal to you that this GTV6 is much more a Gran Turismo than a hornily constructed Italian speed cannon. The combination of the potent appearance and the 3.0 V6 is certainly a very nice one.

A very nice interior with beautiful leather makes the stay in this GTV 6 even more pleasant. Image: Erik van Putten
A very nice interior with beautiful leather makes your stay in this GTV6 even more pleasant. Image: Erik van Putten

Gradual and impressive
Seated in exquisitely seated furniture with exceptionally beautiful leather, we experience those specific touring qualities. The GTV6 in this configuration never becomes nervous. He is relaxed to ride. And when the gas pedal goes down, you feel the potential, which makes you powerful, dosed, impressive and gradually mastered. The low bass sounds undergo a transformation at a rising speed to a typical Italian temperamental V6 soprano. The occupants are steadily pressed into their seats, listening to a sound that - in higher touring regions - has Ferrari traits. The GTV6 from Nijmeijer remains completely stable under all circumstances. This is partly due to the transaxle construction of the Alfa and the fairly low center of gravity. And when the gas is released, the occupants get another dessert: fine combustion flocks escape from the ANSA exhaust. It gives the sporty character extra cachet.

Versatile and desirable
Anyway, this is an unadulterated Gran Turismo that you can go in all directions. Relaxed driving, acting at the cutting edge or finding an ideal middle way to unwind. It is precisely these versatile ones a la carte properties that label the beautiful Alfa as a phenomenon. Moreover, properties that make Giugiaro's masterful design a very balanced classic in this configuration. And that is a big compliment to the owner, who gave this Alfa Romeo an extremely desirable status.

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