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The Ford Sierra XR4i is built from 1983 to 1985. The sporty top version of the Sierra caused a stir and, more than 31 years after the production of the last XR4i, is again bringing a smile to the face. At least on ours. In 2016 we will be driving a very special XR4i, made available by Egbert Spinder of Nosstalgia Classics in Drachten.

This white Ford Sierra XR4i underwent some cosmetic changes during its life. Nevertheless, the XR4i is immediately recognizable as such. The split rear side windows, the double spoiler and the fog lights mounted in the front bumper leave no doubt about the equipment level of this Ford. The rich equipment and the fine-mesh red piping that reappears everywhere tell the continuation of the XR4i story. Under the hood: a beautiful V6 block of the Ford Cologne (or Ford Köln, if you prefer) type with 2,9 specifications. Indeed: that fact deviates from the original specification. The Ford Sierra XR4i was delivered ex works with the 2.8 V6 engine. Under the hood, the entire layout at the top presents itself in this way.

Unnoticed quickly

In any case, we are dealing with a nice Cologne V6 block and that fits perfectly with the Ford Sierra XR4i. It is a power source with a lot of flexibility, which is accompanied by a lot of power. The performance potential never imposes itself on the rider, but is continuously available on demand. The Ford is very relaxed, even slow to drive. And if you want to accelerate impressively, the power source fulfills this wish – in combination with the pleasantly propelling rear-wheel drive – with love. In that case, the Ford achieves impressive speeds surprisingly quickly.

Power and torque in all gears

Especially the ease with which the XR4i achieves this is really impressive. That character also returns during an intermediate acceleration. In both fourth and fifth gears – and in fact in all gears – the Sierra effortlessly achieves impressive speed maneuvers, all the while accompanied by that ever so civilized and pristine Ford V6 sound. They gently penetrate the low-noise carriage through the open sliding/tilting roof.

Nice row characteristic

From the comfortable carriage we also experience the sublime road holding of the rear-wheel drive Ford. The beautiful chassis (gas-filled shock absorbers) works well with the double spoiler at the rear. This provides a pleasant dash of downforce, and contributes to the excellent driving characteristics, which are not hindered by electronics. The mechanics of this modified Ford Sierra XR4i (engine, some color accents, BBS rims and Cosworth grille deviate from the original specifications) work superbly. Braking, coupling (great back pressure), shifting: it's all fine in the XR4i, which can be regarded as a fine sports touring car. He also shows that in the first half of the eighties it was also possible to find the ideal balance between light-footedness and solidity. This Ford is a real one.

Understanding for XR4i love

It's as Nosstalgia Classics owner and XR4i fan Egbert Spinder says with a laugh. “Now you understand why I have a soft spot for these cars.” We understand it. We totally understand. And we also understand why this masterful Ford was quickly sold. Because this is simply an unimaginably nice car. Especially in this composition.


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  1. Worked at Ford from 83 to 96 so went through the intro to the Sierra and the shedding. A 1.6D never existed in the Sierra, but n 1.8td (developed with Deutz) and the famous 2.3D (Peugeot). The photo shows a 2.8i inlet manifold, and the 2.9i had really different cylinder heads: 3 inlets per head, the 2.8 didn't. So I wonder if this is really a 2.9. Think it's great how it looks, everything went wrong on this model, it cost you a rib or more per turn.

  2. Ford Sierra I drove one a 16 d nice fast track stable comfortable luxurious but due to a unfortunate accident (drunk young man) he just turned 3 years old

  3. Beautiful car, that XR4i.
    During my time with my Scorpio 2.9GL, other colleagues at the company I worked for drove around with Ford V6 engines. One was racing. Then adjusted the pistons for his XR4i on the lathe for his tuning purpose. The end result was 290hp and 490Nm on the dynojet. The only problem was that he pulled the second gear of his gearbox tousjours hort. So he just had those bins in stock. Broken bucket? Within three quarters of an hour he had switched boxes with a friend. Really, that brig was a cannon! What a time. And yet that block has just walked 2 tons. He understood his hobby!

  4. I hope they screwed in a much better rear suspension than they did on the gas 1800 I drove. Every rear passenger I had in there got carsick. It was also slower than the next 405 GeenLuxeDiesel. 😂

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