Driving the Peugeot 504 and the new 508. Part two (final)

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Technological developments and fifty years of design evolution today require completely different cars than in the past. Naturally. Peugeots' brand new interpretation in the age-old 504 segment offers enough reason to enter him hands-rubbing. The 504, which photographer Pieter Fokkema and I just drove in, we leave behind with a sense of melancholy. However, we are looking forward to getting to know the new Peugeot 508. And to value. The key question: is this, like the 504, a real Peugeot?

Public relations officer Ellis Blase of Peugeot Netherlands is coming with us. “With this car, we don't just want to focus on our historical clientele in this segment. We also want to respond to the needs within the innovative part of younger senior management. It is one exciting. On one side of the competition spectrum is the traditional D-segment, subdivided into volume and premium. On the other hand, the Audi A5 and the VW Arteon are of course interesting competitors. The SW - which follows later - has a clear position and will appeal to a larger target group. However, the new saloon is a niche for Peugeot, which we really use upmarket want to go."

Modern heritage

The 508 catapults us, after a beautiful Sunday ride with the 504, with a fast-paced ride in the contemporary. In this GT-Plus trim he offers safety assistants, digital instruments and state of the art multi media. The 504 had striking design features. This also applies to the 508. The I-cockpit and the accompanying ergonomics do not keep pace with the column of competitors. Peugeot has its own style and that headstrong choice also translates into this brand new 508. Despite all modernities: Peugeot also looked at its heritage. It says that this car is inspired by the 504 and the 504 Coupé. The lines of these beautiful classics are subtly integrated into the voluminous, dynamic, coupe-like and powerful lines. The surprise with this Peugeot, designed as a Grand Berline, is the fifth door, which adds practicality to this stylish and powerful design.

Distinctive chic

The 504 offered much freedom of movement for driver and passenger earlier that day; the interior of the 508 is tight-fitting and completely packs the driver and passengers. The furniture (this GT-Line version comes standard with a driver and passenger seat with AGR specifications) is otherwise formidable in terms of seating. The I-Cockpit configuration requires some getting used to, the control functions in the middle are placed a bit further and require further study. That short time investment is more than worth the effort. In a contemporary manner, the interior literally presents tangible build quality and a tidy character. The beautiful and sturdy materials (the optional leather is beautiful) and the art of omission form the nice balance. Distinctive chic we call that. The new 508 is not a space miracle, in that sense the 508 Saloon presents real coupé features especially in the rear. For those looking for space, Peugeot offers alternatives, such as the 3008, the 5008 and the soon available SW.

High quality standard in all respects

This Peugeot 508 GT line has Active Suspension Control on board and that means: various driving modes. The driver can for example choose Eco, Comfort, Normal and Sport. Whichever preference you have: sportiness and comfort never exclude each other, also thanks to a formidably constructed chassis with multi-link rear suspension. The steering is accurate and offers a lot of feeling in all circumstances. The newcomer leaves a very solid, steadfast and massive impression in every respect.

Fine diesel, excellent machine

The 508 also constantly presents excellent driving characteristics. The power source contributes to this considerably. A blown 508 cc diesel engine is mounted in this 1997. It continuously generates a large torque (maximum 400 Nm) and places 180 PK on the crankshaft. That is more than enough to accelerate the Peugeot rap, also in the meantime. The sounds barely penetrate the interior. Also nice: the excellent automatic gearbox with eight gears does not switch with striking hits, but with flexibility, without changing the course slowly. At all times we feel the need to use the link flippers, it says a lot about the quality of the transmission.


The Grande Berline is a car that will particularly appeal to Peugeot fans and the innovative D-segment driver. Peugeot Netherlands director Rick Hermans confirms that reading. "The SW will generate a wide interest among the potential rider, but with the Grande Berline we have, thanks to the new concept for Peugeot in the higher D-segment, also thanks to the busy market spectrum in this class." drawn and daring 508 chooses makes a statement. Peugeot shows courage and skill with the newcomer, without losing the old core values.

504 principles as inspiration

Speaking of old values: the 504 played an even stronger pioneering role after the engaging 404 and therefore covered an important part of its manageable market area. Several Peugeot saloons were inspired by the 504 design philosophy. The 504 combined the best principles of new professionalism, idiosyncrasy, understated refinement and excellent handling characteristics. In fact, this largely also applies to the new 508. The 504 was an ambassador of the beautiful brand and showed the various competitors what the then segment was really waiting for. The 508 will play a considerably more selective part of the market, but is indeed a worthy representative of the French brand.

Enthusiastic car now. And a real Peugeot

The 508 especially shows that Peugeot - despite the significantly more extensive current market offer - still dares to steer its own course in a rapidly changing world. This is another reason why this is a real one, which combines design principles of the present day with historic Peugeot values. Moreover, a car that proves that niche is not a nickname, but actually exists. Ellis Blase has not said a word too much about Peugeots' cub, who will be ordered mainly for his traits, and not for cool math. There is already enough convention. This Grande Berline is above all a car enthusiast today, intended for a specific target group. And a very good one, which, like its predecessors, presents Peugeot's upward movement with dignity and stubbornness.







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