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Driving the Porsche 911 Turbo (930). Labor nobility.

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Don't let the phenomenon in the images fool you. That is because almost the same thing happened to us. When we came face to face with this Porsche 911 Turbo for the first time, we were almost certain that we were dealing with a copy from the 964 generation. So no. This is a late Porsche 911 Turbo from the 930 series. Year of construction 1989. The connoisseur knows what that means: addiction, and despite a slightly improved chassis, there is that paper-thin dividing line between friendly and insidious link. We are going out with the Porsche. We are not looking for the dangerous limit, but we do get to know this Turbo well.

The beautiful protagonist is disguised as 964. Ludwig Pieper of GP Exclusive offers the car painted in Meteor Metallic. He has an office with the Drenthe specialist in Porsche, Riemer Rispens in Alteveer. There, Ludwig says that the current owner wanted the car this way. 930 specifications with an 964 appearance, witness the light units in front, the trim package and the CUP2 rims. “Moreover, this is one of the last 250 units from the 930 series, and those who want to return the car to Originalzustand can do that relatively easily. The air-cooled 911 variants have a high degree of interchangeability of parts. The 964 and the 930 are certainly close to each other when it comes to bodywork. ”

Frame on old reads

That certainly does not apply to the chassis. The old 930 Turbo, for example, does not work with coil springs, but with the old torsion suspension. Although the suspension of the wheels is independent, the system is substantially different in terms of damping and mounting compared to successor 964. Within the old reading, in combination with the blown 3.3 Turbo engine, there is a multiple warning: watch out in turns, stay alert, wife and children first. Downforce? That says nothing about cornering safety with the Turbo of the 930 generation. Despite the immense dimensions of the rear spoiler. Don't be fooled. Do not. "Anyone who does challenge the 930 Turbo will be taken back sooner or later," say Ludwig Pieper and Riemer Rispens in unison. And a warned person ...

Unfiltered Spartan pleasure

With this knowledge in mind, we will drive the Porsche. And experience an unfiltered and almost Spartan pleasure. Yes it's true. This 911 Turbo comes from 1989, which means that it is equipped with numerous electrical gadgets. From seats to window operation: the push of a button takes a lot of work off your hands. Climate control is also on board, and what stands out is a variety of meters, while the finish is at a very high level. Everything at the service of the passengers. But the driver is waiting for a bonus: a large portion of labor.


When we are on the road we know why even this car is called Spartan despite all the luxury available. Power steering is missing, and the steering wheel is not adjustable. The pedal of the hydraulic clutch must be operated with a lot of leg strength. And the poker, which offers access to five forward gears, is just a little too far away. The following also applies here: the ministry requires a combination of feeling, concentration and manpower. Driving an air-cooled Elfer? Then you really have to do a lot for it. We are delighted to have the labor for this icon, which, from a technical point of view, challenges considerably.

Generously powerful up to 3.000 rpm

We are not going to cut sharp bends with man and full conviction, the 930 was given the name Widowmaker from the historic journal for a reason. Straight forward, however, there's more than enough left to evoke pure excitement. The 3.3 boxer spins fantastically and develops its powers up to 3.000 revolutions per minute, yet pleasantly. What is striking is that the combination of the accelerator pedal position and the power source does not impose itself at all.

To resist temptation

But of course we know what 300 PK means and a torque of 430 Nm. From 3.000 revolutions per minute, the power source wants to show its potential on demand. Even then there is a choice. Continue calmly, or fully gas in one go. Whoever opts for the latter option is assured of a snowball effect, which starts smoothly but at lightning speed. Without turbo hole. We are stuck in the backrest almost immediately. High and driving license dangerous speeds are reached in no time. Absurd. By the way, there are clearly still many, many reserves left over at an impressive speed. But we resist the temptation of being even harder. With effort. "Is this all?" The Porsche seems to say that to you. "Yes, for us", we answer imaginary back. Because we want to drive an exotic more often.

Old-fashioned at a high performance level

It is striking that the sound from the power source - with Motronic system and intercooler - is perfectly damped, and that the chassis handles unevennesses firmly and firmly. In addition, this late classic never loses its straightforward stability, and on better asphalt it is even pleasant to be. The road holding is also sublime straight ahead at a higher speed. The fifth gear, which can be supplied from 1989, contributes in a different form to the speed tour experience. Confidence increases with every kilometer, we become one with the cunning Porsche. The 930 Turbo ultimately provides pure confidence in that confidence-inspiring experience: the pleasure of truly old-fashioned and labor-intensive driving at a high performance level. With this Turbo you will experience it in extremis. As long as you leave the turns alone.


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