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Audi TT. Driving an extravagant future classic

Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic

It is a surprise. At Jelle Talsma in Leeuwarden we come across an Audi TT 1.8 5V Turbo quattro from 1999. The long-established dealer has been a Frisian stronghold for Italian brands (and Jeep for several years now). You don't expect an Audi TT in stock there so quickly. But the explanation for this is simple. The car was traded in by the first owner on a Alfa Romeo. Johan Dijkstra bought the Audi on behalf of Talsma. And he was happy to cooperate with our request to make a report with this unique Audi, not least because we have known each other for years. It was a memorable day with the Audi.

This quattro version is the version with 180 DIN hp, and is completely original except for the light-alloy wheels of a later series. Because of the infamous cornering behavior of the 1998-2000 series, it got an improved chassis and rear spoiler. And those were exactly the things that took the life-threatening edges of the TT. Certainly the quattro versions could sometimes unpleasantly surprise at high speeds in bends because of a suddenly occurring oversteer. In addition, these versions later received a modification for the wishbones, which could get stuck. From 2000, the first TT generation was also equipped as standard with safety-enhancing items (including ESP and ASR) and the modified rear wishbones. Incidentally, the reportage car has long since ceased to have to contend with the cunning traits. It's ready for a mighty ride, and will prove itself as an absolute phenomenon later in the day. Such a phenomenon, which settles deep in the fibers of your body.

Recurring design touches

The design of the Audi still causes a stir almost a quarter of a century later. That is explainable, because there is almost no straight line, and inside the design of the round racy fuel cap with bolt holes in many applications (poke console, outlets on the dashboard) returns. It compares nicely to the bars that you find at the center console and with which you close the doors. The latter is the signal for a wonderful driving adventure. And if you want, you can take what you need with you. Because under the long tailgate is a very decent (and low) luggage space, so that you can really take the necessary with you on the way to the sun destination or winter sports. The small seats in the back are less usable, but that should come as no surprise with this TT, which is actually mainly designed for two occupants.

Packed away

When the doors are closed, the black interior with aluminum accents completely engulfs you. The high frame line and the black leather-covered and heated front seats enhance that experience. The sturdy furniture provides excellent support on all sides, partly thanks to the thick side bolsters of the seats. The driving position is directly in front of each other and activates you, as it were, to start making the meters in a very attractive and dynamic way. You also do this in a tinge of luxury, because on board you will also find the cluster of the separate automatic air conditioning, which does its job excellently and can be dosed well.

Weighty and clean sports car

This Audi, ready to drive, weighs more than 1400 kilos, but it really is a sports car made of the purest water. You are quickly out of place. Initially you should be wary of the short one and two and the fierce clutch. If you want to leave quickly, you will be launched. But even in calmer waters there is no man overboard, even then the technology in the Audi responds adequately and shows the performance potential. Which is very nice: when you switch you are treated to a resolute and short poker movement that is accompanied by a wonderful sound, which fits with the great driving experience in this Audi.

Addictive intermediate acceleration

Yet the rapid acceleration from a standstill is not the biggest attraction. The big performance secret lies in the intermediate acceleration in four and five. That is delightful, and partly a result of the long-term availability of the maximum torque, which moreover already occurs below 2000 rpm. You don't even have to floor the accelerator to accelerate from a leisurely pace to 140/150 kilometers per hour in no time. It happens in a straight line, and that is addictively delicious. And to think that this is the 180 DIN-hp version. There were also TT quattro versions with even more power. But don't worry: also our version is already good for tons of driving pleasure.

Absurdly good in corners

The cornering behavior is of an absurdly high level. You can feel what the power-assisted and very firm-feeling steering is doing. You control it with a wonderfully thick and superior tackling steering wheel. The Audi pulls you energetically, powerfully and very confidently into the corner. And you don't take your foot off the accelerator in a madman. On the contrary. You just go deeper into it. With results. Because the TT eats corners in a way that I have rarely experienced.

Blessed chassis

The grip is fantastic, and at no point does the graceful butt of the Audi move a millimeter to the side. The excellent chassis does its job in combination with the quattro technology with Haldex clutch, and also excels in straight line in balance. The gas-filled dampers work very firmly, the spring characteristic is precisely tuned thanks to the chassis modification of the past so that you can feel the difference between hard and dynamic comfortable. And the latter is the case with this Audi TT, which as a result turns out to be a very fine touring car.

Definitely a future classic

The Audi TT is one of the classics of the future. That has been clear to me since its introduction in October 1998. He offers an experience that will last for a long time. This will certainly not let you go quickly after more than two hundred kilometers of steering. Because this is a magnificent car. An extraordinary car in every way, which entered my top 10 on a beautiful Wednesday. And secretly, secretly I want him.

Many thanks to Jelle Talsma Autobedrijven in Leeuwarden (

Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic
Audi TT. Driving a masterful future classic


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  1. Unfortunately, much too expensive to maintain, use.
    Much too heavy for a sporty car, and above all ugly. The successor looks good, but is it better?

  2. I have ridden in TT for years. Hairdresser's car not exactly, but women have experienced it. Probably because of the design-like design and the non-aggressive lines. Many women spoke to me “what a nice car you have! And black too. Many long journeys with tent and all. There was still quite a bit to take. And still nice to drive. A true classic.

  3. Fatal Accidents with the TT in Germany:
    Yea das stimmt, mit de Versionen der firsts swoi Jahre! Das lag daran, dass AUDI den
    Fehler begang hatte, aus Sparsamkeitsgründen die Karosserie des TT auf eine val zu kurze
    Platform is set up to be used, namely the common platform for Golf and Skoda.
    Die meisten Unglücke passionrten mit der 220 PS – Version des stärkeren Quattro, kaum mit der
    180 PS – Version with Frontantrieb. AUDI nahm auf Wunsch die bisher produzierten TT zurück
    und rüstete sie mit ESP (Anti-Schleuder-Electronic) um, und der TT bekam ab jetzt einen Heck-
    spoiler set.
    Ich gehörte zu den Glücklichen, die ihren TT “walking” konnten, AUDI nahm das Auto gegen
    entsprechende Wertminderung zurück und zahlte das Money zurück. Daraufhin konnte ich gleich
    ein neues Modell kaufen, welches ab Werk komplett ausgestattet war – und ab jetzt went die Zahl
    der Unglucke zurück.
    Meistens paserten die Unfälle bei hoher Geschwindigkeit auf einer Autobahnabfahrt, wenn man
    zu fast in die Kurve ging und dann dabei bremste! Das Heck brach dann aus, und es konnte
    zu berschlägen bowls.

  4. Beim Erscheinen des AUDI TT fiel sofort die Bemerkung, die dem Chief Designer Peter Schreyer
    (heute Präsident/Chefdesigner KIA und HYUNDAI): “L'esprit du Bauhaus”.
    Other bezeichneten die hohe Gürtellinie mit der schmalen Fenstersilhouette as “Schiessscharten”.
    In Deutschland hat es die 180 PS – Version nur mit Frontantrieb gegeben, von aussen zu acknowledge
    an now a day of Auspuffendrohr. Die Doppelauspuffendrohre wiesen auf die stärkere Quattro – Version
    with 220 PS hin.
    Danach zu urteilen, gab es für die Niederlande und valleicht auch other Länder ausserhalb
    Deutschlands also 180 PS – Versionen mit Quattro- / Allradantrieb.
    Der TT wurde übrigens in Ungarn gebaut, weil dort im Motorenwerk von AUDI nor Platz und
    Reserve war für die Produktion eines in smaller Stückzahl zu fertigenden Coupés.

  5. In any case, VW had strange ideas with parts supply. Whether that is still the case, I don't know. At the time, for example, they did not even know that the Golf D 1976-1982 had a filter in the tank. Was not on the known microfilm files and was not in the warehouse. If that filter clogged, the stainless steel strainer basket could simply be pulled out and rinsed. The VW garage did not even know that. There had to be 'a new tank under' (!!) Or else 'swap the tank hoses. well! I just wanted a spare strainer for when I was on vacation. They demonstrated it to my own car in their own garage after which their mouths fell open incomprehensibly. However, I did not receive the basket. Demolition finally brought a solution
    For example, the short thick connecting hose from the tank tube to the tank was not available separately on the Sharan. And yes .... a new tank had to go under. Anyway, just a 10-minute walk to the Ford garage where they had exactly that hose in the tank for the brother model Galaxy! Note the VW logo on it!!! And that for just about a penny. I happily took it to the VW garage and showed them that snake. You guessed it, their mouths dropped wide again. Now of shame and anger. Hopefully that policy has improved in the meantime.

  6. The story of the TT begins with its beautifully designed predecessor, the Audi 100 coupe (from 1968 to 1976)
    Bought in the early 90s, when the Audi coupe was 14 years old. Ultimately, it was a short experience due to a total lack of available (wearing) parts (even then!) and therefore irreparable. The experience with the miserable parts supply has ultimately prevented me from ever purchasing a VAG product again.

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