Audi 90 quattro – drive with a smile

Audi 90 quattro driving impression. Uppercase superlatives
The 90 quattro was restored to its former glory and is to pass through four rings
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In shiny Tornado red, the Audi 90 quattro from Jan-Siebe Bastiaannet shines at you. You can't miss it: here, on the grounds of Menno Wijbenga's ACP Tytsjerk, I have come to the right place. The goal: to make a report with a sublimely restored four-wheel drive Audi with a rumbling five-cylinder engine in the front. It's impossible to overlook much, much love for the Ingolstadt brand's history.

It is no coincidence that the appointment takes place on the outskirts of Burgum. Allround Car Parts Tytsjerk, the company of Menno Wijbenga, is located there. And that is a treasure trove with many (rare) original Audi parts and unique Audis from the eighties and nineties. The parts are in demand all over the world. “Traditional Audi drivers value originality,” says Menno's best friend and Audi 90 quattro owner Jan-Siebe. “And that originality is rare today,” the friends say in unison. Everything shows that the owner, who has just picked up the car from the detailer, has also been converted to the belief in originality for years.

Scoop, logic on board

After several years of restoration, Jan-Siebe entrusted me with the director's position. I feel honored to drive this unimaginably beautiful Audi 90. The owner and Menno will of course go along. I take a seat behind the wheel. And find myself in an interior with seats upholstered with original used material. Again I marvel at the absolute VAG logic on board. Everything can be found by touch, nothing is superfluous in the Audi 90, which also excelled in ergonomics in the eighties. A manually operated sliding/tilting roof increases the anticipation.

No gravel and snow

The quattro technique is also unsurpassed. Or rather: often rightly praised. The phenomenon offers possibilities in Jan-Siebe's car to lock the rear and center differential pneumatically. It becomes clear in advance that those functions will probably never be activated. Menno and Jan-Siebe inform me that these options are in principle superfluous in the Netherlands. “And nobody will find this Audi 90 quattro on the roadside or on heavy gravel. Snow will also not let this quattro slide under the wheels quickly. Jan-Siebe cherishes his car, and given the condition we understand that light terrain, mud, gravel, grass and snowy roads are avoided.

Sturdy technology, light-footed driving characteristic

Along the way, proof is provided that Audi knew what to do with the application of four-wheel drive in the 90s. This drive technology literally adds more weight; you don't notice this at all while driving. In fact, the Audi XNUMX quattro feels really light-footed and the operation of the car is child's play. Switching takes place in a German solid way (accurately, with a lot of feeling). With overlap in the gears.

Weighted out

We give the Audi the tracks. Then it immediately appears that the 136 hp supplying 2,2 liter five-in-line engine in combination with the five gears has no problem accelerating. In one straight line – without a push in the back – the car heads for speeds that are soon above the maximum allowable in our country. It's all accompanied by that phenomenal five-cylinder rumble, which produces a wonderful in a higher rev range backing vocals may greet. Braking, clutching and steering are another plus, which, together with the perfect seat, are also part of the well-balanced car of this beautiful car. Balance, which – as is well known for cars with four-wheel drive – only comes under pressure in fast-driven, winding limits. Some corners are sharper during the ride. This Audi 90 quattro does not flinch.


The cosmetic condition of the Audi 90 quattro is simply top notch, the fantastic Ronal rims make an extra contribution. In addition, this series – actually inspired by the second generation of the Audi 80 B2 – has an appearance that reveals a balance between elegance and power. The technical condition is also almost excellent. Almost, because Jan-Siebe Bastiaannet has a set of shock absorbers ready to improve the road holding a bit. But it is already very appealing. The balance between comfort and sturdiness is unprecedented. Superlatives, superlatives, superlatives. That is the only thing you can say when you see and drive this Audi.

quattro technique in capital letters

There is one thing that stands out. This Audi 90 quattro was a prominent part of the top in its segment in its time. And it is Jan-Siebe Bastiaannet, who, together with friends and professionals, ensured that this historic glory will be preserved for years to come. This is a superbly restored car. Equipped with quattro technique that should actually be written in capital letters. He is simply to get through four rings.

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  1. Classic Audi's hard to find parts, or nothing at all. It has no history at all. Opel eg yes, but also difficult. It's not alive. Then MB is a different story. Although also difficult (more), and has become more expensive

    • In 1998 I bought the predecessor, a rust-free 100 coupe S, with the intention of making a nice one again. This Audi was 24 years old at the time.
      Back then there was nothing, absolutely nothing to get parts for worldwide, not even wearing parts and nothing from other brands that fit.
      It was a very nice and solid car, but without any possibility of proper maintenance, the party will end very quickly.
      After 1,5 years of disappointments, I took this Audi to the scrapyard for 100 euros and I swore to myself never to buy a VAG product again.

  2. That five cylinder is a great engine. The description you give Erik is exactly right.
    Driven myself more often in the 'normal' Audi 90. As far as you can call that car 'normal'. I speak for myself when I say I still love him. Harder through the bends, the Audi 90 was a bit understeered. It may of course be that the Quattro is a bit more balanced because there will be some weight behind it. But in any case, that 2,2 liter is a wonderful engine with an addictive sound. Thank you for the article. It brings back beautiful memories! →

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