Driving impression. A Mercedes Benz 250 D with 2,1 million kilometers driven

Mercedes Benz 250 D

Via Peter van Wijk from One we came on the trail of a Benz that traveled an astronomical amount of kilometers. Peter put us in touch with trader Richard Steenbergen. And the latter recently owned the Mercedes and he gave us the opportunity to also go out with a Mercedes millionaire: an S124 with the unsurpassed OM 602 250 D engine. Special: this early Mercedes 250 D covered the unlikely number of 1986 million kilometers from October 2,1. And the key question arises whether the Benz accomplished this mileage with one and the same engine.

We want to know everything about this car, and are just in time to drive the car that reached this exotic mileage. He gets a new and good home. Steenbergen sold this S124 to Mercedes classic and young-timer specialist Klaas de Poel in Surhuisterveen. Richard Steenbergen warmly welcomes us and shows us the NAP printout almost immediately, which indeed starts twice at zero. In combination with the fact that the count runs to a maximum of 999.999 kilometers (that position was achieved in 2003) we have a first confirmation of the accuracy of the high mileage. And a maintenance card from 2016 indicates that at Wensink in Emmeloord he was given a turn for the last time at a mileage of 2,07 million. Absurd, though .... with Mercedes W124 types and derivatives, a lot is possible.

Service stickers and light box on good coach

You don't see the life experience on the exterior of the Mercedes. Apart from a few holes, this station version of the W124 is still in a reasonable condition. The condition of the paint of the Mercedes is good. The bottom is also almost hard. "And one of the wheel arches must be repaired." It is striking that the jack stands - a sensitive point with this Mercedes type - are still in perfect order. Richard Steenbergen decorated the car with Mercedes-Benz service stickers and provided the Benz - who was born as a company version - with a working light box. In this way he turned the car into something unique, with which we will drive a short distance.

Few sleek marks inside

We install ourselves in the Benz, which was given few options from the factory. Yes, a sunroof (no longer working) has been installed. But the door windows can be operated with old-fashioned garlands. Furthermore, only the essentials are part of the standard equipment. It increases the view of the still visible elaborate basis of this automobile. Despite a mileage of more than two million, we do not detect a large number of worn tracks inside the Benz.


This car left the factory exquisitely finished. That is still visible and palpable in many places. There are of course traces of intensive use. For example, the driver's seat (the second in this car) is excellent, but cannot be fully adjusted anymore. The left belt also refuses service. In addition, the passenger seat is no longer completely armpit on the confirmation. However, the fit of both front seats is fine. After these and other reflections on the interior, we turn the key and the extremely strong OM 602 engine starts - after the pre-heating process - immediately and sounds pure on the bone. Typical old-fashioned Mercedes Diesel sounds reach our audience. Confident.

Get used to mechanics

When we want to get the Benz moving, we notice the downside of the high mileage. In order for the Mercedes to come from its place, an extremely sensitive interaction of the spacious clutch and the accelerator pedal are used. That is an exercise that drivers of older diesel Benzen with a lower mileage will not always recognize. But this unique specimen really requires habituation. In the end we manage to get going in the Benz. It happens after a search has been completed in order to push the certain non-play-free container into the right gear. This 250 diesel comes out of place, but once in a row it turns out that under the labor-intensive mechanics there is a nice running culture of the OM 602 engine.

No everyday reach

They are reflections, which of course must all be read in relation to the absurdly high mileage achieved with the Benz. At Klaas de Poel we obtained information. The brand new owner adds the car to his collection and will use it as an advertising object. Adjustments to the current state will not be made. “But even I found a Benz with such a mileage unique. That's why I didn't want him to walk. "

Fourth engine

Klaas was in contact with the man, who was the owner before Richard Steenbergen added the car to his trading stock for a short time and then sold it to De Poel. The latter told us the following. “The Mercedes has been in the possession of the second owner since 1988. And to answer the question whether the Benz still has the engine that was installed in the factory: No. This is the fourth OM 602 engine, but it has now run 700.000 kilometers. That is not an everyday reach for many cars. ”Not to mention the 2,1 million kilometers traveled with this almost indestructible Mercedes. It shows how well Mercedes Benz built these cars. Unique!

With many thanks to Peter van Wijk, Richard Steenbergen and Klaas de Poel

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