Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 LWB … Smooth Operator – drive with a smile

Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 LWB … Smooth Operator – drive with a smile
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Say “X300” and the connoisseur will know it is the fifth Jaguar XJ generation, built from 1994 to 1997. The executive Jag came on the market in several versions. One of the top versions in the range was the Daimler Sovereign trim level. For example, it was regularly ordered in combination with a long wheelbase. It was also possible to order the extended Edelbrit as a Jaguar Sovereign. And we had the opportunity to drive precisely this version. A masterful executive, which is equipped with the blissful 4.0 liter six-in-line engine.

Owner Peter is a Jaguar fan in heart and soul and only the third owner of this sublime, rare and completely original version, which in this form with the extended wheelbase has the internal designation X330. He talks enthusiastically about his Jaguar passion and the history of his Jaguar Sovereign is also discussed. “The first owner – who only used the car for the annual holiday in the South of France – bought this car from Caspers in Groningen on the condition that it bear the Jaguar name. A rather rare choice in combination with the long wheelbase and Sovereign trim level. Very special."

Welcome on board

The sight of the red Long Wheel Base, which has additional chrome details, is particularly pleasant under the skin. Every detail is correct, and so is the Welcome on Board that is given to us. The ambiance is intimate – partly due to the cockpit construction and the relatively small glass surface. The Jag is built around the driver and passengers, you can feel it in everything. Moreover, the interior is made of beautiful and discreetly used materials. Cream-colored leather, wood, high-quality carpeting and subtle chrome accents contribute to the exclusive experience. The Jaguar Sovereign is also packed with modern electronic delights. In addition, the ergonomics are well done, not least because of the wonderfully sitting and electrically adjustable driver's seat.

Automobile perfection from Coventry

It should be clear: we are all set for a nice ride in the area. And when we are on the road, it becomes astonishingly clear that automotive perfection in the XNUMXs was also achieved by the noble brand from Coventry. From the beautiful interior with some Daimler specifications (the beautiful steering wheel with wood and leather is an example), the comfortable driving characteristics stand out. Those who do not know better could just assume that this Jaguar Sovereign is equipped with air suspension, but nothing could be further from the truth. It shows how excellently the British put together the magnificent chassis.

Power source and automatic: fine cooperation

Meanwhile, the combination of the accelerator pedal and the fine four-speed ZF automatic transmission work excellently with the excellent running and known as extremely strong AJ 16 power source. The in-line six engine noticeably builds up its impressive torque in a distinguished manner. You feel in everything: there is a surplus of Newton meters available. However, we never feel the need to fully address that.

Choice between cruising and sporty

Those who do make that choice can switch on the sports mode of the automatic transmission, in order to reach the maximum torque earlier. However, the Sovereign invites us to a relaxed driving style. In our experience, this way you can optimally enjoy high quality on all fronts. The owner also likes to make that choice. “That's how I prefer to drive the Jaguar Sovereign. Enjoy cruising and immerse myself in the tranquility on board” according to the owner, who is happy to share our great and regularly expressed enthusiasm, even after seven years of ownership.

Desirable alternative

After the ride, for which we have taken extensive time, we can be brief. This Smooth Operator offers almost everything the driver could wish for. The distinction, the design, the classic lines, the atmosphere, the surplus of comfort and that blissful six in line four liter power source are just a few ingredients of the sophisticated British combination, which repeatedly gave us a fine-grained form of goosebumps. This Smooth Operator confirmed to us that Jaguar was building a desirable alternative within the 1997 executive class. Especially in this tasteful X330 composition. a fabulous car, as simple as that. 

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  1. Personally I think it's a shame about the Jaguar (leaper) on the hood and a V8 engine would really be more appropriate here. But this is of course purely personal.

  2. I have been driving a British RacingGreen tinted XK3 Convertible, (8) for 1999 years now. Words fail to describe the Jaguar delight. Let me try: smooth, soft, secure and sexy. With 240.000 km on the odometer, there is another (2nd hand) box put under it, but otherwise no great costs ... And with 1 in 9 to 10 it is remarkable for an 8-cylinder, of course with decent right-foot behavior. . .

  3. Wouldn't want to own an English car for any price, but in terms of design and materials used, this is a fantastically beautiful car!!

  4. They are, and remain, terribly beautiful cars to see, but it is such a shame that these XJs can rust so terribly disastrously.
    Can't believe that even in the 90s people dared to deliver cars with this abnormally bad rust prevention.
    My last three are all 'beyond economical repair' in terms of rust problems.
    But apart from that it is a beautiful car.
    Have a full aluminum XK now and hope it will last longer

  5. Nice and nice driving cars
    Unfortunately, if you are above 190, it no longer "fits" in the limosine. I have always found it very unfortunate.
    On the other hand, it has protected me against the maintenance of this 😉

    • I am in possession of the Daimler Six Century 4.0 LWB version and I also think this is a car for cruising, I have a lot of attention because you don't see this car much in this condition. I have had few maintenance costs and, according to the appraiser recommended by JDCH, I have a high-quality car with only 110.000 km on the odometer. Truly a special car, of which Jaguar's relations received an undoubtedly beautifully executed invoice of 247.000 guilders for this Daimler. The previous owner had fitted the car with Jaguar rims, but the original rims are now underneath. Despite being 25 years old, I still think it's a pretty picture.

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