The Ducati 750 Paso

Ducati 750 Paso
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The Ducati 750 Paso was presented under the slogan "Il nostro passato ha un grande futuro" "Our past has a great future"

The introduction

When the Ducati 750 Paso was presented in Milan in 1985, it was very quiet in the motorcycle world for a moment. The Ducati 750 Paso was nothing like everything that Ducati stood for. Well: It was red. But people with an uninhibited outlook happily report that Ducati's newcomer was the most beautiful and best sporty street bike of all time. History has shown that positivism was to no avail. Unfortunately.

First cheers ...

Because after some cheering it became very quiet around the Ducati 750 Paso. The design was too futuristic for Ducatisti. For non-Ducati riders, the Ducati 750 Paso was still too much Ducati. Doubters were put off by the price De Duc had to yield about twenty thousand guilders. The production time was only two years, until 1990. A few years later you could pick them up at an old age, at ramshack price.

then dead silence

There was something to be said for that lack of enthusiasm. The carburation with its double 'car style' Weber fall stream was very difficult to get in order. Replacement with a set of 36 mm Dell'Ortos turned out to be an easier solution.

The 16-inch Oscam wheels with double ø 280 mm discs at the front and a single ø 25 mm disc at the rear, partly due to the low profile Pirelli radial tires and a steering head angle of only 25 °, for a handling that was not 'des Ducati's'. They also caused very tight ground clearance. In addition, the fully encapsulated air-cooled engine sometimes got very hot in its sportswear.

The smart Marzocchi 41 mm anti-dive fork used one leg for the input, and the other for outbound damping. The brake was just fine. The block was largely identical to that of the 1987 F1 Sport with a compression ratio of 10: 1, 41 mm inlet valves and 38 mm valves on the outlet side. The quieter dampers and the adjustments on the intake side cost a few horsepower. Instead of the 75 horses of the Sport, the Ducati 750 Paso delivered 72 pk on paper. That herd trotted through a dry clutch via the five-speed gear to the rear wheel

The problems of today
According to various sources, 4.863 Ducati 750 Pasos have been made. That number is frighteningly exact by Italian standards. But so few Ducati 750 Pasos have survived that they only become interesting out of greed. Experience shows that 90% of the current Ducati 750 Paso problems are the result of a low battery voltage, corroded or loose plug connections and switches. Oh yes: Also check if the gas cable is correctly inserted in its (Weber) carburetor confirmation.

There are no more tires for the Ducati 750 Paso. There have been enthusiasts who have replaced the 16 inch wheels with 17 inch copies of the later 900 SS. But that turned out to be easier said than done.

The conclusion?
The Ducati 750 Paso was and is underappreciated. In any case, he was optically ahead of his time. With the eyes of 2018, it is still special, but certainly no longer bizarre. This Duc remains pleasantly affordable due to its reputation. The once so maligned Duc, with the knowledge and mild look of today, is now a very nice purchase for people with a large frame of mind. And possibly also a good investment.

Back in the showroom and for sale. At Roadrunner in Velp


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  1. Since a few years ago, suitable tires for the 750 Paso are available again. Therefore, difficult solutions with spacers or the installation of 17 inch wheels have become superfluous.

    Front tire, Shinko SR880 130 / 60-ZR16
    Rear tire, Shinko SR881 160 / 60-ZR16

    In 1998, Shinko has purchased technology and production resources from the well-known Japanese tire manufacturer Yokohama:

  2. Front tire of an early Fireblade, smallest rear tire for a Goldwing and the front sprocket of a Monster from the transition series around 2000.
    Position the rear sprocket to the outside with a spacer from 5 mm. Just pay attention to the freewheel and filling of front and rear fenders, as well as the standard.

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