Ducati GTS 900

Ducati GTS 900
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The Ducati GTS 900 was of course just a Ducati 860 GTS with kapsones. But coming up with a different name is considerably cheaper than developing a new motorcycle. And once the bookkeeper has reported that the bottom of the greenhouse is dry again, then some improvisation is a nice thing. Oh yeah; The Ducati GTS 900 was and is - also a beautiful thing. With the view of now. At the time, his appearance was generally less appreciated.

In Den Beginne there was the Ducati 750 GT

It was revolutionary. The GT was a fast touring motorcycle and the first carrier of the legendary king-axles blocks. After a while in the shadow of the S and SS models, a beautiful GT750 is well on its way to becoming unaffordable by civilian standards. At least if you can find one more.

A simpler engine block

The 860 GTS was equipped with the new, simpler 'hexagonal' block to make production-technically cheaper. Because the round carts were real time wasters in the factory to assemble properly. If even Italians find the production costs too high, then the trail for any accountant has long been lost. He used the top floor of the 450 cc Ducati single cylinder to get his new engine displacement. In terms of styling, it was emphatically modernized. Many people thought he was completely ugly. The big ends emphatically did not have eternal life.


New but the same

The GTS version of the 860 Ducati was a much more modern styled bike than the previous GT bike. The bicycle part remained the same as the 750 GT. The GTS version signed by Giorgio Giugiari is now quite rare, because few were sold and fewer survived earthly existence. And survivors? those were 'cheap' things. They were structurally seen as the basis for the conversion to more sporty looks.

Then unwanted, now wanted

The lack of sales successes makes the engine so rare. Or: Because nobody wanted him before, now everyone wants him. People are even more incomprehensible than Italian electrical systems.

For the last two years of production (1978-1979), the 860 became the 900 GTS. In order to comply with the American regulations, the machine had to be switched to the right. The Italians, who are always plagued by lack of money, came up with a solution that was both rude and ugly to solve that problem.

A bad reputation

The reputation of the hexagonal blocks at the bar was very bad. But stories with a few glasses on are about as reliable as the statements of our politicians. A normally driven, well maintained 860 - or let the '900' block be is quite a good thing.

We know of a twin that has actually driven 140D kilometers without any problems. For another, it is unclear whether he turned 120.000 or 150.000 because of the interim switching of the counters. These Ducatis were motorcycles for riders who used their minds more than their right hand. Careful warming up and punctual maintenance are the keywords in this story.

That promises the best for our photo model

That machine was made 'completely new' for someone who didn't care what the final price would be. In his early childhood he dreamed about a GTS 900. After a apparently very successful career, he decided to make her dream come true. At Back to Classics they had a hard time. But It worked.

Ducati GTS 900

Ducati GTS 900


Ducati GTS 900




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  1. Bought an 860 GTS for 5000 guilders in hardingsveld giessendam 1986, later overhauled and driven to Spain. Great bike, the sound with Conti exhausts is unmatchable. Small teeth at the back and a bit bigger at the front, 140 km / pu quiet speed, all great.
    In terms of speed, it was sufficient, not comparable to today, but the experience is the total picture. Never had any problems after overhaul, no oil consumption. Most enjoyed it.
    unfortunately too young, too little sense and folded in half (21 years old). Simply beautiful in ugliness, rude and rude to look at, most beautiful machine ever had.

  2. I sold mine at the end of the years 80 for 3000 guilders, the new owner drove it until last year and sold it for 16000 EURO. The lesson is that you should never sell a motorcycle too quickly

  3. People are more incomprehensible than an Italian electrical system? ??? How do you come up with it? Awesome !

  4. nice red is not ugly. And the Ducation sound is added value that cannot be expressed in Euros (or earlier) Lire. Even better than the HD pop. Or the 'turbine' sound of the GL1500

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