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Edd china. Job Done.

Edd china
Edd works on Mercedes parts.
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Around the turn of the year, Discovery Channel screened a fairly fresh series of Wheeler Dealers episodes via a marathon broadcast. I had welcomed the announcement within the digital KPN guide. I reserved space on the hard drive and the recordings were set. I reserved the late hours for several days. As so often I was looking forward to the Edd China and Mike Brewer team again.

In the run-up to 2017, however, I saw something in the episodes that I had not seen before. I got the impression that the satin of the face of Edd China had disappeared. The modest, realistic enthusiasm was gone. The race techie and enthusiast Edd China seemed to be making the episodes with less pleasure. I was struck by the idea that the sustainability of the collaboration between Edd and Mike was temporarily under pressure. Yet I knew: it would not break. Wrong.

Workshop heart of program

What I absolutely did not see was that Edd China was already busy with an approaching farewell to one of his life's works. So Edd's video message recently caused an unpleasant surprise. Not only with me, but also with the many fans in many countries where this great program is broadcast. Edd China could no longer agree with the more American and increasingly commercial format. A format in which the all-important workshop fragments have been losing strength for several years. "And that workshop was the real heart of the program," said China. A just and sincere observation.

Ten right hands made repairs tangible

China is blessed with jealous technical insight, ten right hands and a great gift to make complicated repairs tangible for "the left handed" among us. As a result, he made automotive technology insightful, interesting and concrete. Of course: with the 135 cars bought by Mike Brewer, every repair seemed easy to do. Of course: major technical issues were not always highlighted. But still: the craftsmanship of China was not disputed by anyone in the world. Because China understood the art of captivating the viewer in a pleasant way. And to take along in its solution orientation. An essential part of a program that has been successful since 2003 because of the total package and the variety in it.

From specialism to general

The Wheeler Dealers of Edd China and Mike Brewer developed over the years. Both financially and broadcast technically. Unfortunately, the focus on specialist craftsmanship gradually made way for a more general picture of the work. That typical British shed in the always somewhat drizzly Great Britain was exchanged by the California sun. Punctually mapped repairs became snapshots. Wheeler Dealers increasingly became an American program. Still fascinating, but gradually stripped of that pleasant, cuddly British sense of detail, craftsmanship and understatement.

Years stable format

Wheeler Dealers grew big thanks to the first season, in which Schraalhans was the master of British cuisine. It became a strong brand thanks to Mike and Edd. Growed great thanks to a stable format for many years. And could easily have continued in the old way until Edd China's retirement. Hundreds of millions of viewers had made peace with that. Edd China could not live with the new mode of operation of the Wheeler Dealers brand. The departure is also independent of China's desire to start new projects. Edd China also wanted to grow old at Wheeler Dealers. At the Wheeler Dealers old style.

Job done. Unfortunately

The decent way in which China announced and explained its farewell graced the techie and presenter born on 9 in May 1971 in London. But deep in his heart Edd China had known for a while: "Job done." unfortunately. The new Wheeler Dealers do get a chance from me. Of course. But I am also happy with the fact that I still have many old episodes. Episodes, in which it became clear time and again how well Edd China always did his job. And the face of Wheelers Dealers for the most part determined. "Well done Edd."




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  1. I was never interrested in cars, but I like learning new things and thanks to Mike and Ed's presentation enjoyed every minute of it. In fact it's one of the few things I watch on TV at all. I'm understanding and respect his decision a 100%, but am very sad to see him go. Thanks for all the entertaining hours, Ed and good luck on your future adventures.

  2. me and my mother will miss you, etc., you are a top guy and craftsman, I even got my mother so crazy that she sat down to watch a car program and also the mother of 87 saw that something was playing, you laughed less and so on. just stood out, we will miss you ed.

  3. With a new mecanic, I think it'l be over before its even started!
    Its a shame, wy not keep the old and trusted format? #Discovery will lose a lot of fans (viewers !!!) wilth this new format! Ever heard of the Phrase “Never change a winning team”?

    To ed china,
    Thanks for all the years of giving us this wonderful program
    Thanks for all the usefull tips and tricks
    Thanks for everything

    I will miss you, just like the other millions of fans!

    Harrie Nicolai
    Leeuwarden Holland (The Netherlands)

  4. We will miss the relaxed explanation of Ed China, this is a refreshing program for old-timer keys. I hope someone here picks this up in the Netherlands ??

  5. What I found contradictory is that they started tackling European cars in the USA. For me, the USA did not need enough programs.

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