Eelde Classics: DAF Club Nederland 'pulls out all the stops'!

Eelde Classics
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Lovers of beautiful shiny chrome can indulge themselves at Eelde Classics in the weekend of Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November. From American classics to European masterpieces are part of the offer of this classic car fair. Plus of course there is the possibility to take home special accessories as well as beautiful miniatures.

A special look

Time and time again, Eelde Classics gives a special insight into the history of classic vehicles. From buses to fire trucks and motorcycles. The proud owners are happy to tell you about all the details of their vehicles. They take you into the story of their unique collector's item. The Eelde Classics attracts thousands of visitors. That is not surprising, because almost all types of vehicles that ever drove on our national roads can be seen on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November at 'Eelde Classics 2022'. In those days, the Flower Dome in Eelde was the epicenter for enthusiasts and collectors of old-timers, motorcycles, (moped) bicycles, trucks, tractors, buses, carriages, carriages and fire trucks. It is a true El Dorado that is open on both days from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM.

“All out of the closet”

Our national pride DAF also makes an appearance. The DAF Club Nederland “pulls out all the stops”. With their manned stand with an openwork Variomatic/CVT and a tent surrounded by beach flags, parasols and DAF P signs, you just can't ignore it. Films about the DAF brand and the 'DAF Variomatic' are shown continuously. The stand is flanked by ten beautiful DAFs, owned by a few willing club members who display their pride. The stand is located in the G hall, shortly after the entrance, so not to be missed by the visitor! In the halls there are various opportunities to satisfy the appetite and to quench the thirst.

DAF is alive and kicking

You can deduce that DAF is still alive and kicking in 2022 from the activities of the DAF Club Nederland. The club was founded in 1980 and has about 2000 members/donors with about 2600 cars. The oldest DAF dates from 1959. In addition to a traditional, well-stocked parts warehouse, the club also has a modern webshop. It doesn't stop there, theoretical and practical courses are provided, there are key days and technical inspections. The valuations carried out are an extension of inspections, which are recognized by almost every insurance company. The DAF Club Nederland also organizes events for its members throughout the year. And as an old and trusted means of communication and binder, a well-stocked club magazine is published four times a year. The name of this is easy to guess: Variomatic!

Nothing is lost

Staying behind in the modern era is not an option, the DAF Club Netherlands is also present online with a modern and richly filled website. The club manifests itself online and in print, but the DAF Club Netherlands is also physically present at important events, fairs and festivals. The motto is that the club welcomes everyone who has a Variomatic powered car or who has a warm heart for the Variomatic. This means that one of the most innovative products ever produced by the Dutch business community will never be lost!


This edition is also an extra nice one for Opel enthusiasts. A complete hall is available to the brand. A nice overview from the oldest models to the more recent classics.


Eelde Classics is open on both 26 and 27 November from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM. Tickets at the door cost € 13,50, via the website € 12,50. Information and tickets via

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  1. Would it also be possible to use the Daf of gebr. de Rooi once, they were very successful in the rally with their two engines in the Daf's and four-wheel drive, I used to see this on TV.

  2. Almost everyone burst into laughter when Mr A van D beat the back row
    did in Zandvoort. It wasn't until much later that it became “In or hip” or whatever you want to call it, om
    shame on that, Those who still remember that, me included, are hard themselves
    on the way back to the demolition, or as it is called here “The Glue Factory”

  3. Who would have thought in the seventies that in 2022 we would read: “One of the most innovative products ever in the Netherlands”? And yes: that is not an exaggeration! It's a pity that the image was bad at the time, I followed that as a little boy. But I also enjoyed driving a Daf down the garden path. I can't watch Daf's reversing races, that is a true self-mutilation of a Dutch icon.

  4. Nice of that DAF club, Dutch heritage. I used to not want to be found dead in it, and now I look at it with a completely different look.

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Fiat Topolino 500 C from 1955. Jan's gray mouse. 

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Used car prices will continue to rise in 2022