"Elderly cyclist in danger"

dangerous old people in traffic
ER Classics Desktop 2022

dangerous old people in traffic... reports the Bondblad of the Koninklijke Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijdersbond, the Champion. Now that the weather is becoming less arctic and the birds are whistling instead of coughing, we want to turn things around:

Older cyclists, a danger

Now that the temperature is structurally above zero and the birds are no longer coughing, but whistling, we have to share our roads again with countless Krasse Knarren (thanks to van Kooten & de Bie).

And in our sincere experience, many of those seniors are so absorbed in the beauty of nature around them and display such impulse behavior that they are simply dangerous to other road users.

For you and for us. We must treat them with the same respect as we do with our classics. And we must keep in mind that they are actually just as dated ...

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