Electric MG Midget, the e-Midge

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Who wants something like that? No more Wroaaaap noise from the exhaust, no more hot oil or gasoline odors and vapors. That could be very boring ?! In fact, you could affect the character of the car in such a way that there might not be a sports car anymore. 

Regardless of the disadvantages of a battery-powered car such as a limited operating radius and a long charging time, the engine of many MGs is unique and partly determines the historical value. Hopefully, for example, an MGA and all models before that, electrical conversion will be saved. But more and more air pollution in cities and the increase in environmental zones were a reason for the managers of the MG Workshop, based in Monster, to find out whether a sympathetic conversion of an MGB or MG Midget was possible. 

An electric MG will not win the environmental footprint of the original gasoline version, but in use the electric MG will be more environmentally friendly. In converted form, such a fat 50 year-old should therefore be future-proof! 

A year ago, the MG Workshop started converting a Midget. The main purpose was to preserve the character; the car had to remain light and manoeuvrable. They also wanted it to be a reversible modification, so without chopping and grinding work on the body. 

It soon led to a very enthusiastic and helpful company in Delft: EV Europe could help the MG specialist with all certified components. They could also mainly guide them around and save them from worse ... 

Now, a year later, it's there! How cool! And how much cooler than they thought! What a power! The pulling power is enormous and together with the previously fantastic handling of a Midget, it provides a great kick. Just like in 1968, it is still a surprisingly fast sports car. 

Just as the roaring engine can sometimes sound like music in the original MGs, you can also enjoy the lack of it in the 'e-Midge'. Because it is a convertible, 'Radio Octagon' makes way for singing birds, also great! Then you can also have one charging station at home, so you don't have to park your MG at public charging stations.

And to support an impressive appearance, you can always let the tires squeak! And the name? They have reviewed everything and gradually "e-Midge" lingered, these two syllables are just a bit nicer in the mouth than the other options. And in addition; in the thirties it was fashionable to mount a mascot in the shape of a 'Midge', a mosquito, on the radiator cap of your Midget. A new project with an eye to the future but with a nod to the past. 

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