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That was from the days when TV was still black and white and had two channels: “Catweazle”. Catweazle was an English TV children's series that aired for two seasons in the United Kingdom (and other countries): in 1970 and 1971. In the Netherlands, seasons 1 and 2 of the series were broadcast by NOS; for the first time on Sunday, January 4, 1970.

The series tells the story of the 11th-century, eccentric, incapable, smelly but above all touching wizard Catweazle. On the run from the Normans, a failed spell (he tries to fly, but it turns out very differently) ends up in England in the second half of the 20th century: he has traveled through time for 900 years. He is very surprised, especially about electricity. "Electricery".

That electrickery is often a big thing for us too

Especially because old cable looms often suffer from corrosion and spontaneously sprouted twigs for extra lamps, bells and bypasses of pieces of cable harness that were once affected by woodworm or rotten branches.

sloppy plug

The story recently became topical during a visit to Joop, the former manager of Motorcamping Het Dijkje. Joop once had a thorough automotive training and he looked with disapproval at the compression plugs that feed the rear lights of my Guzzi. “Those are nonsense. They are an absolute guarantee against malfunctions.” I knew that. But I once had them on hand at the end of the day when my back went on strike. The idea was to handle the matter better later on. It hasn't happened yet. Joop said that when motorcycles or cars with electrical problems passed by in 'his time', he first checked whether the plugs had been made carelessly. If plugs or connectors were in the picture, they were removed from between the wires. Then the connections were soldered. “In nine out of ten cases you were already rid of all the problems.”

Working well with the famous AMP plugs is already a big step forward

But keep in mind that the banger offers of this kind of plug connections from China are often bad. Also remember that investing a few bucks in special clamping pliers for these plugs is a great idea. The connection between plug and copper wire must be optimal.

Lots of options

In the context of ideal solutions, if the all-knowing algorithm catches you tinkering, you are overrun by providers of a new way of tying electrical strings together. This is done with a shrink-tube-like sleeve containing a ring made of a metal with a low melting point. This allows you to work easily, neatly and waterproof. It's easier on the internet video than it was with me, especially when melting with a normal lighter. But with some practice, I'm confident. Then the fault is in any case no longer in incorrect plug connections. But with old Italian and Russian stuff, there are plenty of other options for electrical failures, such as contact resistance due to corrosion and faulty ground connections.

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That's asking for trouble
terminal block
That's asking for trouble too

wiring 6

Wiring damage
Transition resistance. No hot flashes. Possible fire
Extra mass connections. Always good
Very handy. Very neat. And not in a pointless Ali or Brezan assortment box. Just get what you need at your local auto parts store




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  1. As a professional electrician, I also have an opinion here.
    The real press connections with sliding plugs are fine, but only the real ones.
    In addition, they must be shielded from brine and other delicacies.

    Make sure you become good friends with an installer because he can get quality from the wholesaler.
    What is also guaranteed to be good are ferrules in combination with a matching pressing tool.
    Once pressed, you screw them into a terminal block and in this way you avoid the possible poor quality of a press connection.

  2. Yes, great Catweazle and Touchwood are his path, I think they had a big Jaguar Mark X as transport at his “lodging address”. Take the time to look at the site of Rick Donkers, for me the candy store under the plugs and wires and you have it brand new and reliable again.

  3. I just use terminal blocks, and when everything is nicely attached I take a piece of window sealant, that black stuff that does not harden and pack that terminal block with this so that no more water can get to it. Works perfectly under the mudguards!

  4. just remove Japanese wiring harnesses with plugs, relays and all from a scrap car and use that for old-timer restoration then you won't have any problems anymore...!

  5. I'm having more and more trouble finding the "real stuff" like AMP. That Chinese crap is pushing everything from the market. Recently ordered some Scotch blocks for much more money than Ali in the hope of getting something better. Nope…

    • Well. At the end of the day, many people buy on price. And they are served. With filling. I buy from van Silfhout, the local car parts dealer. They have everything there is to know about Tinternet. But a bit more expensive. And much better. You will also receive free tips and advice during your visit. Just think about that with Ali or the national dropshippers

  6. I have the same experience with soldering. Cables will break right next to the solder unless you coddle them with a heat shrink. Protecting cables from misalignment by securing the cables correctly is a blessing. Tinning cable ends and connecting them with a terminal block is begging for trouble. Tin flows and the matter becomes loose. Also in Ampliversal plugs it corrodes because of everything scorching road salt.
    That's why I treat all connections I make with thin Tectyl or with the thickest oil you can find. Just let it pull in generously, including the cable. Drinking silicone spray in it also works very nicely. Then put a heat shrink over it and you're bonkers. Never had any faulty or corroded connection of what I have made in all the years as a driver. Wire harnesses of which the collecting thimble is peeling, re-wrapped with insulating tape or wrapped with a bicycle inner tube cut open lengthwise and correctly fixed. Saves vein breaks 😬

  7. Soldering has a disadvantage, the susceptibility to breakage increases very quickly.
    After all, you turn a flexible copper wire into a rigid wire with the tendency to break right behind the solder due to vibration.
    Good press connections work best because the copper does not become brittle due to the solder…
    And indeed, leaving Ali where it is…

    I do make and repair electrical connections for the living in hostile environments if you know.

    • Hi Jinny. Fortunately, I know that in your hostile environment, bullets don't have to be weighed down. But heavy seas in combination with high voltages are in fact hostile enough for the gear. And the first sentence of your message has just proven itself: The cable to advance the ignition broke just behind the soldered ton….

  8. With the 'motorcycle tinkering' I noticed that the Ali-xpres quality is not for the long term. My 25 year old AMP shoes didn't corrode and the plastic didn't get brittle.
    Find another good method. Until then, just solder with duck tape and ensure that the wiring cannot move.

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