Elegant Opel Manta A

Opel Manta A
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This Opel Manta A is an undisputed showpiece, has been owned by Frits Groen for more than 25 years. This model had a special place in his heart, but was out of reach because he had no driver's license and with his 17 year he was not yet entitled to the car. 

In the 90 years, the sporty Opel Manta A was a car that few people could afford, so the search went for a used car. He found this in a small village in North-East Friesland (Triemen) that was offered by a private person. It was desirable to get a lot of work done on the car, the glued-on spoilers disappeared, much renewed and repainted. Despite its high car age, it is now alive and kicking and if you see the shiny, elegant Opel, then it certainly qualifies for the beauty trophy.


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  1. I think Dolf Peeters also had the hire dictionary with a Manta A with standard launch control (1200 engine). Every motorcycle in his collection was faster. But there is no doubt that the Manta is a nice car.

  2. I, too, think that the beautiful Mantra has gotten rid of it. Let him come back in more detail, possibly in combination with the beautiful GT

    • How about the rally version? 2 separate Webers, each with a separate air filter and “hot” camshafts?
      My dad once had one of those things, blue with a black vinyl roof. Man how proud that man was and frugal about it!

  3. Small addition to Harmpje: GM had already taken on a large share of opel in 1929 and had already taken over entirely in 1931, so not after the war.

  4. Btw, a very small point of criticism: Beautiful A-manta in this sumiere article, in my opinion a very nice interesting report with accompanying photos could have been made about the beautiful red manta, this model Manta is absolutely worth it!

    Handsome A-Manta, the most beautiful Manta of all models that were subsequently produced as a manta imo. the successors were, in my opinion, more Manta; s, and the undercarriage of, for example, a record or misshoe, even a kadett, take that manta from the 80s / 90s, and I did not find it special, the A-manta, that is and was THE Manta. The ”replacement 'for the fat American Camaros and firebirds for our European continent of General Motors of which the Opel brand has been since WW2, special anyway, how could that be, before that time Opel was a real German car, after WW2 a part from the american general Motors .. fortunately this did not happen to Mercedes-Benz, then probably not so many old models were still on the road today. 😉

    • Opel has only made cars independently for 30 years, from 1899 to 1929, when it came into the hands of GM. Before 1929 they made bicycles, motorcycles, sewing machines, etc. Now Opel is owned by the French PSA group.

  5. In the 90s you could indeed buy a new Calibra - also a nice car - but the Manta A was already a nice young timer even though that word did not exist then 🙂

    • Those were my thoughts too, haha, id jaten 90 you bought an A-Manta for relatively little guilders, a size of mine there were about 8 behind his farm at the time, yeah then there was no automatic registration tax when you bought a car, then you could pay the holder's tax in cash at the post office, what has changed an awful lot since that time, beautiful times, beautiful cars of yesteryear, many cars today are all such a uniformity, the newer Opels with such a chrome trim on the back gives me such a hearse impression .. Too bad, Opel is no longer what it used to be as it used to be with their great Commodore Coupe's or Sedans, the Senator, and don't forget the fine record, wonderful cars to steer and reliable . Just like the Mercedes-Benz models from that period, I owned a 1983 Mercedes-Benz for years, although the entry-level version of the SEC W126 / C126, the 380SEC full options, man man what a car, this was way back in its time forward, today it still drives around in very good condition, which I had a good time with, of course it consumed a bit more fuel than the average car, but that is to be expected with such a wonderful V8 in the front. That's really the car that still gives me a smile when I think about it.

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