Classic car day Tzummarum. Enjoy during the new normal

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Delighted, I park the Lancia Delta somewhere in a side street in Tzummarum. Inside the one and a half meter era it is no easy task to randomly choose a classic car event. In fact, one event after another will be canceled. But during this weekend there will be events in the country. As in Tzummarum. There I walk, fifteen minutes after I have given the Italian beauty a safe place, between the classics. The realization that it is possible again is special. It is also cheerful, very cheerful.

Walking routes have been made on the street, and of course I could not escape disinfecting my hands and leaving my data behind at the entrance. No problem, it is part of it. This is the new normal. The weather conditions are very nice, I see happy people everywhere. They have the same thing as me: a sense of freedom regained at a time when many canceled events were one of the many silent witnesses to the limitations COVID-19 entails. I speak to Daniel van Aken, he also loves to be able to let go in this way. Adorned with a camera and cameraman, he records the event digitally. "Were you in that way too?" Ja, I answer. We both think that the organization of the second Oldtimer Day Tzummarum is especially tough. “They just do it, I like that,” says Daniel. He's not alone.

I enjoy it in an old-fashioned way that is a bit new-fashioned today. In one way or another, conversations with owners are longer, there is more discussion and everything seems more special than, say, a year ago. The idea that a classic motor vehicle literally brings you into contact with the past is becoming even more tangible. That's how people used to drive, you know that of course. This is how the preference of an owner was previously determined. You know that too. But it comes in even more strongly than usual. I notice when I talk to Henk Toonstra, who is justifiably very proud of his Celica ST from 1973. You will see that car in the magazine in the spring, together with the sympathetic owner, who has more Japanese surprises in store this spring.

What makes it so nice is that he visits the Oldtimdagen Tzummarum with a number of pure Ford fanatics, and those Ford fanatics also have beautiful cars with them. An ONK Taunus GT from 73 stands next to a Capri III. Across the street is a phenomenal Anglia 105 E for sale, from 1960. Also delivered new in the Netherlands. Sixty years ago, and not a single flake of charm has been lost.

Ahead is a family from Groningen with a Capri I, a GT 1700 GXL. A family heirloom, once bought new by father at Smidts, sold by father and also bought back by father. Again at Smidts. Today it is owned by the son, who regularly drives to events with his mother in the Ford. Really, this Capri with the 1700 Köln / Cologne V4 engine is beautiful, the story behind the car too. I realize it as I watch classic vehicles come and go. And come back from a tour. That is also part of the Oldtimdagen Tzummarum. So nice, that dynamic on an intimate scale.

I get impressions everywhere, for example I see beautiful tractors (Farmall, Nuffield with BMC diesel engine), beautiful Floretts, beautiful American cars (such as the Chrysler Windsor by Ray Schmidt), a few beautiful engines (Agusta MV, Royal Enfield). I see a nice Heckflosse and ditto Volvo Amazon, both with a classic caravan behind it.

There is much more, such as a row of Opels, including a two-door Stufenheck Corsa from 1986. It is just not called TR anymore. It has the exact same color, exactly the same engine and also exactly the same level of equipment as the Corsa I once had. And the same year of manufacture. With that difference: my RF-26-YD was a three-door hatchback. Sweet, precious memories emerge. They can evoke Opel, especially if they are strongly reminiscent of mine. No nonsense, and as namesake and master writer Bas van Putten once said: they are always honest. The stanza “an Opel never lies” has always stayed with me, and is now coming back to life.

Not so long ago, Tzummarum would have been one of the many fun events, but today's rarity makes the experience more beautiful, more intense. I look at popular classic cars even better, and everything sticks better. Simply because it is possible again. Just because it is allowed again. And simply because the organization has its back. At a time when a second peak is being discussed, they organize a well-organized and very accessible event. The new normal gives vent in several ways. And joy. I feel it, I see it. On the way to the Lancia I grab a cup of coffee on a terrace. Just look and observe. Nice huh men? "Yes man, wonderful."

On the Facebook page of Auto Motor Klassiek you will find a photo impression of the day.


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