Environmental zone protest ride in Rotterdam offers new starting points

protest ride
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The Rotterdam Classics Foundation organized a CO2 neutral protest ride in Rotterdam for the third time. This brings the counter of actions to four. As expected, the turnout was a lot smaller due to the winter conditions. Despite the cold, more than 100 vehicles were present that took part in the protest action. 

The meeting point for the protest ride was at the 3rd Katendrechtse Hoofd parking lot in Rotterdam. At 12:00 PM the group left for a symbolic ride through the ports, over the dikes, along the Maas to the end point on the Koningin Emmaboulevard in Hoek van Holland. The tour via the Hoekse Lijn to Hoek van Holland went well. In Hoek van Holland, where the wind was blowing strongly, municipal councilor Jan-Willem Verheij (VVD) addressed the participants.

Cold and brine keeps many sympathizers at home

Various old-timer owners indicated - via several channels - that they were supporting the protest drive campaign without driving along. The weather conditions forced the majority of enthusiasts to leave the classic in the heated garage and not to expose it to the elements. Nevertheless, the Rotterdam Classics Foundation can praise itself, because they managed to bring together more than 100 classic owners. In addition, it generated more than sufficient (national) attention to the ride and the protest theme.

Attention from NOS news

The NOS news also paid attention to the ride. Niels van Ham, one of the helmers of the Rotterdam Classics Foundation, hit the nail on the head during a short interview. He again indicated the lack of usefulness of the environmental zone. “A small group of car owners - true enthusiasts - are being excluded. And let that be the group for which the environmental zone is set, while the same group is responsible for a minimum mileage. ”KNAC leader Peter Staal also once again told NOS journalists that the effect of environmental zones is zero. Not only the KNAC was present: that also applied to the FEHAC and De HAV.

Monday 19 March: environmental zones in Radar

Speaking of media attention: AVRO TROS Radar will pay extensive attention to environmental zoning in the Netherlands on Monday 19 March (20.30 hour, Netherlands 1). Together with the Rotterdam Classics Foundation, it made a report. The jumble of rules will also be discussed in the studio. In addition, the lack of national rules will be discussed in Radar.

Call from the minister: Do not unnecessarily complicate

Finally: Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Cora van Nieuwenhuizen has since announced that local measures with regard to environmental zones must be finished. In an interview with De Telegraaf, she indicated that municipalities should not make it unnecessarily complicated for the motorist. In addition, the minister notices that there is a kind of environmental race going on. She points to the upcoming government measures that result from the coalition agreement. It was indicated there that environmental zones should become a national rather than a local matter.

You can read more news about the protest ride (with a nice accompanying photo impression) and the upcoming Radar broadcast here.




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  1. It is again the Netherlands at its narrowest. We live in a country the size of a stamp and our politicians differentiate. Life becomes more complicated (and more expensive) every day. And certainly not easier. But also not better or greener. Inconsequent and often meaningless differentiator of people who run like chickens without heads behind all kinds of environmental hype without any sense.

    • Be especially happy that you Dutch are not alone, we Belgian old-timer enthusiasts / owners were also put from one day to the next with our backs to the wall. With your diesel old-timer, you are no longer welcome in our city, with Antwerp at the forefront as the first to introduce the LEZ, soon followed by our capital Brussels, and many large and medium-sized cities will soon follow. Even the municipality where I live is planning to introduce a Low Emission Zone, with hardly any 16.000 residents reaching but an industrial area with polluting factories. And that may, may and may even be because it creates employment. Oh well, it's becoming a mess. Glad I am already 48, I have known the better times when everything was possible and everything was allowed.

      • The Netherlands is filled with people who have turned the environment into their hobby. That seems to be more occupational therapy than it actually does. Green left-wing people who really think that a hybrid car is "good" for the environment. Green lefters who believe they should say that we are not allowed to shower as long and that hybrid cars are allowed to drive faster than others. It is one big joke of people who have no idea of ​​the environment at all. But they want to believe in something. They are happy to board a bus with the words "this bus has an environmentally friendly engine" and the tram that "runs on green electricity". All a big joke. As long as these environmental hobbyists believe in this kind of nonsense, it doesn't go anywhere

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