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"Environmental zone Rotterdam is just a political statement"

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“Motorists with an older vehicle symbolize the path of least resistance. That's what Niels van Ham of the Rotterdam Classics Foundation says in an interview with Auto Motor Klassiek. “The councilor has an ambition to improve air quality with 30%. But we do get expansion from Zestienhoven. And sustainable energy is generated on the Maasvlakte by coal-fired power plants that claim to be green. These power stations are fired with wood pallets. These are pallets that are transported by boat from South America. Meanwhile, city inward moving traffic flows are stimulated. It makes clear that the Rotterdam environmental zone is a political statement. "

Van Ham tells it in an interview with us, the extended version of which will be published in our magazine soon. “It remains strange to note that there is a strong focus on prestige and economic growth, while the owners of a handful of older cars (petrol cars with a DET for 1 July 1992 and diesels with a DET for 1 January 2001) are not allowed in the zone . While it has now been demonstrated that the Rotterdam environmental zone has virtually no effect on air quality. "

Encourage instead of demolishing

“Furthermore, the phenomenon of scrapping premium remains remarkable, while incentive premiums are much more obvious. Consider, for example, investments in making cars that are currently being banned more sustainable. That is not happening. In addition, you must ask yourself whether every measure to make the vehicle “environmentally friendly” is actually the right one. If you place a catalytic converter you know: the combustion temperature is higher and therefore the generation of NoX - a hot issue in the air pollution file - is also rising. Diesels? They only constitute a fraction within the category of banned cars. A single van or camper, then it will stop. "

Car-free or car-free no problem at all

Incidentally, Van Ham is not at all opposed to making the city center car-free or low-traffic. “Well not. Ultimately, it seems to us to be better for the entrepreneur and therefore the economic movement. The motorist does not pass the city center now. “We have several Park and Rides in Rotterdam, which are located on the outskirts of the city. That is a very nice facility that could relieve the traffic in the city. But what is happening? The municipality has decided to link a daily price to the use of the P and R, while this could previously be used free of charge. There was no better starting point for a car-free or car-free area. Meanwhile, we also have parking garages in the city. These remained consistently empty until the municipality decided that pricing should be made more attractive. The 'euro bang' was introduced to attract more parking users (and therefore cars) into the city, with all the consequences for the emissions that this entails. It is a thought that is completely at odds with the clean air ideal. ”

Owner older car set piece in environmental zone party

Van Ham concludes: “Environment is a hot issue. And apparently the legend prevails: what is old is polluting. And so, with an older car, the motorist is designated to serve as a backdrop for the party that is called the Rotterdam environmental zone. And that zone doesn't work. The used community funds can be used much better for, for example, infrastructural and architectural redesign of Rotterdam, instead of in the political statement that the Rotterdam environmental zone is called. ”



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  1. What to think about what is new and what would be less polluting or not. Nothing is less true. Very simply, the cruise ships that visit Rotterdam are so polluting that their pollution equivalent per day is even more than 5000 soot producing and badly adjusted diesel cars in a whole month !!. Why what's new is better.
    Here we also see the incompetence of many civil servants. One calls but whatever oversees what nonsense they utter and that also applies to this fool in my eyes. First let him orientate and inform better

  2. We are ruled by a bunch of psychopaths who are under guardianship of a scary group of people who never get in the news. Corrupt to the bone and rubbish in common! Rather look at the huge pollution of aircraft (chemtrails) and the noise they cause. You don't hear these scraps about that. Car bullying is in their blood. They are the same etchers who place those damned thresholds everywhere and nowhere to spoil your driving pleasure and help your chassis from the car to the Philistines! A BAH three-yard!

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