Rotterdam and Utrecht environmental zones are back in the news today

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The environmental zone in Rotterdam and the counterpart in Utrecht were again discussed today. De Telegraaf reported this morning that tons have been spent on advisers with regard to consultation and publicity matters with regard to various environmental measures. The environmental zone was the focal point. In addition, RTV Rijnmond reported that the Rotterdam Classics Foundation wants the court to rule on the new environmental zone marking signs for the Rotterdam environmental zone.

According to the Rotterdam Foundation, the signs - two by five meters - are too high. As a result, they would be virtually illegible when viewed from the car. It would also contain incorrect information and the warning sign could be interpreted as a general ban on driving in cars in the Rotterdam environmental zone. Because of the introduction of the environmental zone, Stichting Rotterdamse Klassiekers had previously filed a lawsuit against the municipality of Rotterdam, which will soon be serving. The issue surrounding the new warning signs is now included.


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Tons of Utrecht
In Utrecht it became clear that many tons were paid to external advisors, who provided advice to the municipality on a number of files. The center of gravity of external hiring can be found in the costs incurred for information and advertising for the environmental zone. This cost the municipality more than two tons. A total of more than two million costs have already been incurred for the environmental zone in Utrecht. Lady Justice also plays a role in the Utrecht case. The KNAC indicated that it would go to the Council of State a few months ago, after the municipality was twice in favor.
You can find more about this on the website of The Telegraph and the website of RTV Rijnmond.
Sources: De Telegraaf and RTV Rijnmond
Edited: Auto Motor Klassiek/ Erik van Putten
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