Epic Auctions organizes unique auction in November

Epic Auctions
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Those looking for a special classic would do well to keep the dates 17 and 18 November free in the agenda. Auction house Epic Auctions is organizing a controversial auction, where more than 300 beautiful historic vehicles go under the hammer. The auction house has been given the desirable order to sell a very special vintage car collection. The good news is that the cars are all offered on the basis of No Reserve. In other words: there is no question of an asking price with a lower limit applied.

At Epic Auctions people are enthusiastic about the offer. "We are proud. The collection consists of unique and rare specimens. In addition, the collection also consists of vehicles that could already change owners for a few thousand euros. The auction is promising. "

Center of gravity within a special American pre-war segment

The offer that Epic Auctions offers in November has a center of gravity that lies within the special American pre-war segment. The preference for the American A-Ford models, which are offered in various body styles, is particularly evident in the No Reserve auction. And to stay in the United States: other unique American vintage cars have also found a place in this auction. What about a nice Packard Standard Eight 626 sedan from 1929 and a Stutz 5 P sedan from 1928? They are part of a larger whole that consists of really beautiful pre-war classics from the land of the Unlimited Possibilities.

Pre-war work from France

If you are looking for something closer to home, but want to purchase a genuine old-timer from the 1920s or 30s, it would be good to look into the presence of the French delegation. Historical cars from Peugeot, Renault, Citroën and La Licorne will appeal to the connoisseurs.

Classics of a more recent date

Numerous post-war passenger cars are also offered. A few Rolls Royces (including the fabulous Phantom V from `61) and beautiful American fifties classics go under the hammer. Vintage cars from Pontiac, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Ford are offered. Of course, the necessary Mercedes Benz models also play a starring role within the range. Anyone who prefers to find something on the other (technical dimension) side of the vintage car spectrum can shape the classic dream by making a choice from a number of DAFs, Fiats, Volkswagens, some Porsches and DKWs. Also special in the range: a real Messerschmidt, a Goggo Coupé and a BMW Isetta.

Transport vehicles

The historic passenger car section is not the only one represented within the interesting auction offering. Almost a hundred motorized two-wheelers from earlier times will also be offered, as well as a collection of 900 miniatures and a genuine Russian MIG fighter jet. A wide range of historic trucks will also be available. The plots within this section listen to illustrious names such as Borgward, Hotchkiss, International and Scania. Also special: the presence of a beautiful Kromhout tractor.

Viewing days in Oostvoorne

This and much more (such as lamps, old sound carriers, typewriters and numerous other attributes) is therefore offered by auction house EPIC Auctions. Anyone who wants to view the auction offer in advance should go to the viewing days. They are organized at the 14, 15 and 16 November 2017, from 10.00 hours to 16.00 hours, Pinnepot 23 in Oostvoorne.

Start on November 17

The auction itself starts on November 17 at 8.00 hour and ends on November 18 at 20.00 hour and takes place in the RDM submarine shed, RDM street 1 Rotterdam. The auction will take place both live and online. You will learn more about the offer and the auction procedure when you visit the EPIC Auctions website. You will find it below .

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