Eric Wiebes rejects the Autobelangen Foundation's invitation to talk about the old-timer scheme

State Secretary Eric Wiebes mentions combating (never proven) air pollution from old diesels, but only has extra MRB in 2019. Strange. Photo: Central government

State Secretary Eric Wiebes of Finance does not respond to the invitation from Stichting Autobelangen to discuss the new MRB scheme for old-timers. Wouter van Embden sent a concise letter to the minister on 6 last February, but received zero on the complaint last week.

MRB regulation no reason
Eric Wiebes indicated that he saw no reason to discuss tax legislation for motor vehicles with an age from 1 to 2014 that was tightened as of 26 January 40 with the Autobelangen Foundation. In fact, the State Secretary states that he can live with the new regulation, which was brought about by predecessor Frans Weekers.

Approval of faulty predecessor policy
More importantly, he can - without naming it as such - live with the procedural errors made by Weekers in the past year with regard to the implementation of the stricter measure. For example, the House of Representatives was provided with erroneous information about import figures by the former State Secretary and it became explicitly clear in 2013 that politicians in The Hague do not in any way take into account the behavioral consequences.

No new attempt at consultation
Stichting Autobelangen does not make a new attempt to talk to Eric Wiebes. As is known, the preparations for the court case initiated by Stichting Autobelangen are now in full swing. A follow-up will follow within a short time. Soon the state attorney can look forward to the summons of Wouter van Embden. It is ultimately up to Vrouwe Justitia to determine whether the adjusted MRB scheme has been established on the right grounds and has been accepted by political The Hague.

Objections flow is starting
In the meantime, the flow of objections to the MRB scheme seems to be starting well. At present, the objection generator has been used more than 1.200 times. This was developed by Stichting Autobelangen to support the owner of a motor vehicle between 26 and 40 years when he disagrees with the assessment sent. It is the start of an expected increase, since the owners of, among other things, a petrol vehicle within the aforementioned age category still have to receive the bill from the tax authorities.



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  1. Well, friend Wiebes also thinks that the storm has died down now. Raking up only causes problems for him. Would have been too good too! Then go to court. Whether it is independent as soon as the state has to do with it, I dare to doubt. We shall say rich through experience.

  2. You just have to look at Eric KWiebes' head then you know
    right with what kind of a loser you're dealing with, someone of the same
    caliber as its predecessor, Fransje Weekers
    mockery of a short-sighted state secretary.

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