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ESA is a household name in the world of transport. The years of growth of the company has meanwhile led to 12 DAF sales & service branches in the Netherlands, Poland and Denmark. The DAF 33 Pickup is a survivor from the early years. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Once started as Elema-Stollenga's Autobusdiensten (ESA) in Marum (Groningen), where they later spread their wings in the far north with DAF truck service and a DAF passenger car division on Admiraal de Ruyterlaan in Groningen. 

In the 60 years, the Elema family lived above the garage. Son Klaas could now tell the exact story of the beautiful, now rare DAF 33 Pickup.   

The ESA DAF 33 Pickup

The car was delivered new to Cova tire service. That was a tire company opposite the DAF passenger car garage in Groningen. After a few years, he was exchanged by ESA after his working life.

It was not only the service vehicle for ESA, but also used for all kinds of jobs in which Klaas happily worked. After the DAF 33 Pickup had reached a respectable age, the idea was to have it taken to scrapyard. But Klaas - now director of the ESA - put a stop to this. The car (now quite crispy) was hung in the shed. 

After moving ESA Marum in 2003 to the industrial park, it was decided to take the DAF with them.   

He asked Jochum Hoekstra one of his employees with golden hands to restore the DAF 33. He started energetic, driven and unstoppable with the job in 2003 and completed the 'project to perfect' in 2007. 

As enthusiasts, we are also concerned with patriotic feelings that we want to express and for Klaas Elema it is again: 'A trip down memory lane'. It's great to be able to look back on your own life. The DAF 33 pickup gives Klaas Elema that extra touch to the events of times long past. The story is saved, so is the history of the 'clever' stick.

ESA DAF 33 Pickup
The ESA DAF 33 Pickup as it was found before the restoration started


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