Esso gasoline, Tiger in the Tank

Esso Gasoline

That time was good, we are talking about the sixties and Esso encouraged you to mainly refuel their Esso gasoline. Depending on what you purchased, Super or Normal, you put a Tiger in your Tank. One thing led to another and before you realized it as a motorist, there was a lot to get in that area. That is, as long as you refuel enough Esso. Up to a patch for the (unsealed!) Petrol tank and a real 'tail' that could be attached to the filler pipe… And then especially the latter, you also shuddered like the 'fox tails' - often in combination with a 'tiger skin' 'on the buddy seat that adorned more than many a' belly button '?

Photo: Refueling in Esso used to mean putting a Tiger in the Tank. That would not be possible anymore ...

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