Ethanol and gasoline hose

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Gasoline hose and clips

We do not have to let you know again that today's petrol is of poor quality. The added Ethanol eats everything slowly and certainly. Also the gasoline hoses. Add the wrong hose clamps and the plate is complete. The harbinger for a barbecue at an undesirable moment. Therefore, check the fuel system regularly for leaks, perhaps it is even better to be ahead of the misery and to replace all tubes as a precaution. Be wise, at least don't take the gasoline hose as it is shown in the photo. With a so-called 'armor'. Also make sure you have the correct hose clamps and not as shown in this photo, which we photographed on a (…) Porsche 912 prepared for the historic rally sport… Let the professional advise you or take action yourself. The Gates brand now supplies Ethanol-resistant gasoline hose, the correct hose clamps are also supplied by the better-stocked car parts store.

Photo: 'Bad' gasoline hose and 'bad' hose clamps, a harbinger of misery. This type of hose clamp damages the gasoline hose, the 'armor' of the hose ensures that you can never see whether the hose is (already) digested.

Automobilia 2022 (copy)

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  1. An interesting article, but it would be even more interesting if AMK immediately included the substantive information (which Bates hose and which hose clamps). That would save a lot of searching.

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