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The demand for ethanol killers is increasing now that European governments decide that Euro95 will disappear at the pump. Only offering (green) E10 at the pump at petrol stations, that is fuel with 10% ethanol.


Owners of classic cars are moving because this is not good news for them. Ethanol breaks down quickly, causing the fuel to lose octane / cetane. This can lead to knocking, pinging and a bad starting engine. Ethanol also affects rubber, such as gaskets of hoses and seals. In addition, ethanol causes corrosion in the mostly steel tanks of the vintage cars. It contaminates the tank and the fuel system with gum residues, leading to clogged filters, injectors and carburetors.

Ethanol is also hygroscopic, ie it absorbs water. In combination with water, Ethanol is very corrosive, an ideal oxidizing agent, which will lead to corrosion of metal petrol tanks, for example. The absorption of water also starts a chemical process, whereby the fuel is 'separated' into the 'parts' that contain modern fuels (esters and hydrocarbon derivatives). As a result, the gasoline has a longer shelf life; with problems as a result of stoppages longer than 2 months, and certainly in humid weather.


To counteract the negative effects of ethanol offers Millers Oils has been offering a number of trusted solutions for years, the ethanol killers EPS, VSPe Power Plus and VSPe Multishot.

These additives not only combat ethanol, they also increase the octane rating. The VSPe additives are also a lead substitute, which can therefore be an 3 in 1 solution for many classic cars.


Euro 95: gasoline with 8,2% instead of 5% bio Ethanol

E10: gasoline with max 10% bio Ethanol (to be used if your car is suitable from +/- 2000)

E85: 85% Ethanol 15% gasoline (only in "Multi Fuel" cars)

Euro 98: without ethanol


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  1. Under the Firezone understand that they will stop the Competition 102 per October. Haven't told my Goldwing yet. Think he will burst out crying and tears will end up in the tank😢😢

  2. The simplest solution is Competition 102: ethanol-free, remains “forever” good, and octane number 102. Then you don't have to kill anything.

    Not all euros 98 is ethanol-free: only those from BP and Tango. However, my information may be out of date.

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