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It is quite humid this spring. And the man who was in De Gelderlander this morning with photos and everything paid for his tuition.

He thought he could pass a flooded road with his Audi A8. The water rose above the four rings on the grille when the assembled electronics from the Audi figured out that they didn't like it.

After such an action, a modern car is an economic total loss ...

But how did it go with cars and water in the past?

First of all, they naturally had no vulnerable electronics. And a distributor cap could handle some water. If the wetness there had once been too great there, or - and that was a problem with some Opel cars - condensation formed in the distributor hood, then it was a question of “Clean it off, wipe it dry with a cloth and go again.

Water used to cause other problems. The speed was adjusted to the fact that the windshield wipers were often sweeping. But keep all that water out. That was a bigger problem. Cars were just not always watertight until the seventies. The legendary - and always with a healthy thirst blessed - car journalist Fred van der Vlugt therefore invented the car shower in his equally legendary 'world on wheels'.

When he was sitting with his feet in the water in a Mercedes after a short time, he said the words: “This is a very special car. If you buy one, you immediately get a bath. "


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  1. Indeed, in modern Audi's, the central computer is in a container under the windshield. If the drainage of this sludge, it could be drowned, says the ANWB. Chances are that the end is practice for electronics.

    With the Audi 80 B4, the fuses are there. I regularly check whether the drainage hole is not closed. Furthermore, an electronically not too problematic car.

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After the water nuisance of yesterday ...

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