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In the June issue of AMK - the kiosks are open again, but of course you can also such take a dirt cheap subscription - is the enchanting story about the Martaré Sportscar. That is a VW Beetle chassis in athletic outfit. He pretends to be a cousin of the Ford GT40. But that's only the plastic side of the story.

Save a car brand: buy Norbert's boat

For the rest, it is about emotion and the sale of a speed yacht with a five liter V8. That boat has to be sold to finance the construction of no less than two Martaré's. So if you want to be partly responsible for the rebirth of a Dutch car brand, you can buy Norbert's boat. Norbert can be reached under number 06 81392655 or

A message from a reader

In response to that story, the unsurpassed Jan Keijzer responded with a message and photos: “You sometimes come across Dolf in the bargain corner. Even things I don't have an active memory of. "Volkswagen type 3 Overdevest 1966 aircooled € 4.500." See, that is information that arouses curiosity. 

Volkswagen Type 3 Overdevest (1966)

Some searching brought us to classic specialist Angelo Valencia in Eindhoven. Because the Overdevest VW was known at the General Buggy Club Netherlands. Mr. GAJ Overdevest from Voorhout at the time built a glass fiber reinforced polyester body on a chassis of a VW 1600 TL. He spent three years designing this sports car between 1972 and 1975. Obviously, drawings and a wooden 'mock up' had to be made to scale first. After that, serious work could be done on the molds. The carriage is not self-supporting. To be on the safe side, the car got a square tube subframe including a roll bar. Only one copy has been built. And that one and only 'Overdevest' has the Dutch registration number 37-15-AS.

Platforms and license plates

The similarity between the Overdevest and the Martaré is that both cars use a non-truncated VW platform. That way they keep their original registration as VW. As a result of the Martaré story, we were also asked how difficult building such a kitcar is now. Building a good kitcar is not difficult. If the parts are nicely tailored and the supplier provides a good construction description, it is more a matter of patience than of craftsmanship. And if the parts have a colored gel coat, you don't even have to spray (although that always looks a bit 'real'). That way, Burton has already sold almost 2000 kits. The result of all DIY can vary from 'How sad' to impressively professional. And that is mainly the result of invested time, serious work and investing in beautiful things and details. Building such a kitcar is a perfect winter project. But if we take a look outside now, the beginning of June could also be a good start date.

For builders there is a lot of additional knowledge at the General Buggy Club

And the Overdevest Sportscar? We were allowed to publish the photos by Angelo Valencia. But the unique Overdevest has since been sold.

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Is going to be reborn
You can make a kitcar as expensive as you want

For AMK reader (and photographer) Jan Eggink, perfection is just the beginning of the story


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  1. good afternoon gentlemen, the overdevest has stayed neatly in the netherlands. he is now with me in a small village near hilversum. I bought it last week from Angelo and I intend to restore it to its former glory. Anyone who has information about the car has, everything is welcome. The car is quite incomplete technically. I am now looking for a donor type 3 or beetle.

  2. From Parrot Cage to Rizovari, there is something for everyone in Kit-car land.
    I am glad that we all love cars, but that there are differences in taste
    be, luckily. I got a little short of breath, must be my old age.
    Greetings to everyone from a warm YVR. Unfortunately our Father's Day Italian French Car show is allowed
    cannot continue, so we are looking forward to 2022 when Covid is hopefully gone.

    Ciao, Bass.

  3. Where has our fantasy gone, or rather the expression of our automotive fantasy in 2021?
    Another beautiful design from the past.

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