Event news 2022. InterClassics Maastricht to September, Bremen back online in February

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Once again, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works for the organization of InterClassics Maastricht and the Bremen Classic Motor Show. The classic party in Maastricht has been postponed by the organization. The opening of the German classic season will not be live at all in 2022. The anniversary edition in Bremen can be followed online again, just like in 2021.

The organizers of both (beautiful) events have therefore responded in their own way to the worrying developments surrounding COVID-19. The InterClassics organization moved the January event to the period Sept 8 through 11 At the same time, this means that the new Inter Classics Youngtimer Show (specifically with cars from the years 1980-2010) will be postponed by one year. The organization has indicated that the main theme of InterClassics will remain the same: Dutch Grand Prix Classics. InterClassics Maastricht looks back on the highlights of the Grand Prix of the Netherlands, a week after the Dutch Grand Prix of 2022, which will again take place in Zandvoort.

Unique F1 collection in Maastricht

The last F1 race at Circuit Zandvoort was held on August 25, 1985, before the Grand Prix finally returned to the Netherlands in 2021. Fortunately, the Dutch GP of 2021 was more than worth the wait. Thanks to a pole and win for Max Verstappen, the Dutch racing enthusiasts couldn't believe their luck. In collaboration with various museums and private collectors, InterClassics will present a unique collection of F1 cars from the Formula 1 history of Circuit Zandvoort. The Red Bull RB16B Formula 1 car, with which Max Verstappen became the first Dutch F1 world champion, is here. And that will be one of the crowd pullers of InterClassics, where, as always, many exclusive classics will be exhibited in an appealing setting.

Bremen online, Maastricht moved

Where InterClassics Maastricht will be moved, the organization of the Bremen Classic Motorshow has decided not to move the event to another weekend. The 20th edition will take place online - just like in 2021. Last year Frank Ruge and his people already provided an exciting online show as an alternative, because in 2021 Bremen was not accessible to the classic-loving supporters. The German organization is again not waiting for the developments around COVID-19, but has now announced that the supporters can follow the show online.

Themes in Bremen

The themes in Bremen are Biedermann und Brandstifter. In fact, this is an encore to last year's main theme, where series models and exclusive versions of a certain type of classic (for example R5/R5 Turbo) are presented side by side. Attention will also be paid to the two- and four-stroke motorcycle scene. Furthermore, the Mercedes-Benz W201 (190) is put in the spotlight because of its forty years of existence. Other themes - such as the young classics and workshops - are also discussed.

Live stream on February 5, 2022

“It will be a varied, interactive and at the same time informative show,” says Claudia Nötzelmann of MESSE BREMEN. Like last year, classic motor vehicle enthusiasts can follow the online event for free at After the livestream - which will go on air on Saturday 5 February 2022 - the video can still be viewed on the website until 1 May 2022. Anyone who followed the online show in February 2021 can only confirm that the organization provided a top production at the time, no matter how meager the comfort is. “The decision has been a tough one, but we don't want to take any risks. That is why we will once again do everything we can to make the 2022 online edition something beautiful," concludes the organization, which has so often shown beautiful things under the inspiring leadership of Frank Ruge.

More info will follow: we will keep you informed

In the coming period we will keep you informed of the developments surrounding the Bremen Classic Motorshow 2022 and InterClassics in Maastricht.

Interclassics 2022
Red Bull Honda 1
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Max in Zandvoort
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Zandvoort 1960
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Two-stroke and four-stroke scooters
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Zwei or Vier
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Mercedes Benz 190E 1982 1
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