Every car a 'non-smoking car'

Odor elimination with free radicals, oxidants
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Odor elimination with free radicals, oxidantsFrom heathcare via food processing to your car detailer / car cleaning company.

That is the trajectory that ion-based air cleaners have now taken. Things are designed to remove all kinds of engs (MRSA, Noro, fungal spores, etc.) from the ambient air in the food and health corner.

Cara patients also benefit.

But funnily enough, the sales of those devices are more in the marketing than in the sales corner. In the healthcare sector, for example, the odor-destroying properties in incontinence departments and in the gastrointestinal liver corner are highly valued.

And in the better segment of the car detailers, the little brothers of the devices are currently discovered because they can remove all bad odors from car interiors. Delete, so do not mask.

Such a device is considerably more expensive than a spray can with pine /citroensmell, but you can see: there is a market for everything.

Knowing more ? www.hammer equipment. Nl


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