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Harley Welding
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Harley WeldingOf course we can't get away with that. But:

In the past, man did not have to spend hours on anything and professionals were proud of their work.

Now we are in a world where many clients are already fleeing from the Chinese region because hourly wages are already getting too high there. In various places they are already above the 1 $ per hour! No Board of Directors or CEO can live on that!

Craftsmanship is masteryThe result is rather sad.

Just look at the - emphatically made lighter - picture of the welding on the engine frame of a new motorcycle from the world's most legendary motorcycle brand; Harley - note the dash - Davidson.

The new Harleys are made in India ...

The photo below shows European welding as it can still be made ...

All true to his money shall we say.

Yet it remains sad.

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