Evo Sportsters from 1986. The new generation from then

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Evo Sportsters from 1986. That is the generation after the Ironheads who have such a bad reputation on unjustified grounds.

In 1983, the Sportsters were put on the market with their Evolution blocks - which later became known as 'Blockheads' - to thwart Japanese motorcycle sales. The 883 was a cheap entry-level model. And the national import restrictions for Japanese engines heavier than 700 cc also helped. That sporting thing from the early days of the Sportsterras (1957) has almost disappeared in the course of the Great American Marketing thinking. But with a Harley-Davidson (note the line, they are keen on that from the organization) Sportster with an Evoblok you can stroll around and you can sometimes hang out with the beast. Or the beast.

Sportsters are female bicycles

And the remark that Sportsters are bicycles bicycles? We've thought about it. Athletes are not that expensive and considerably smaller than the full sized big twins. And of course there is a group of Harley Rijders who partly base his existence on the idea that all Harleys are enormously expensive, value-retaining and unique. They do not want to know that Real American Steel can be driven for friendly prices. And that for the money since the Evoblocks they are such wonderfully uncomplicated and reliable things.

Even more on the plus side: quite a few offered Sportsters with experience have actually made their - often few - kilometers under the buttocks of a member of the friendlier modeled sex. We personally never talk about "Wijven". Where the old Ironhead Sportsters often broke (often because of improper key work by a half-talented self-proclaimed Harley Guru who did not seem to have a six-pack, but a whole barrel under his bulging T-shirt), Evoblocks are just right. They are therefore tinkered less often. Just remember that in the course of time quite a bit may have been modified on the carburation and exhaust side. Remember that not everyone has to have made the necessary adjustments to the nozzle occupation.

Also make sure that Harleys' 'beautiful making' is generally based on a very personal taste, that it certainly does not have to be done professionally and that it does not have to be just as valuable.

So prefer to buy a copy as original as possible.

And realize that this is the problem of entire generations of Harleys: The brand has never been Japanese Perfect. But the reputation damage was mainly caused by double-tattooed, anabolic no-brainers who were convinced that any tattoo of the Harley logo would make his wearer a talented technician.


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