Exclusive Volvo cars from Swedish Collection to Concours Paleis Het Loo.

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On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July, a few copies from the "Swedish Collection" by collector Hans Blokzijl will be on display in the gardens of Paleis Het Loo. Entirely in style with the location, a number of royal-tinted Volvo cars are on display. Such as the Volvo Bertone from Queen Sylvia of Sweden and the extended Volvo limousine from Queen Beatrix.

Classic and more modern top models from the famous "Swedish Collection" will be present in Apeldoorn. Visitors to the Competition will have a unique and exceptional opportunity to admire one or more cars from the Hans Blokzijl collection up close. The Swedish Collection is normally not open to the public.

Creation of unique collection

Hans Blokzijl has been around for years to build up his collection of unique Volvo cars. Over the years, this adept managed to lay hands on a number of Swedish-made cars with a unique history. The car that created the birth of the collection is the unique Volvo 444-A. More unique specimens followed after this unique Cat Rug from 1947.

Sextet East German 760 GLE variants

Blokzijl, for example, put his hand on six extended Volvo 760 GLE limousines. These cars were purchased in the mid-1980s by the Staatsicherheitsdienst in the former GDR. The six Stasiblauwe cars were valued by Blokzijl and added to his collection. The East German Volvo's were joined by numerous everyday and special types. Various 140, 240 and 740 types are also part of the collection. Furthermore, a number adorns Bertones the buildings of Blokzijl. We also mention a unique P445 11 M 1 ambulance, the PV 544 and the 960 Stretched, in which Queen Sylvia van Zweden was driving around for a few years.

Wonderful book: Fifty Fifty

A large part of the Swedish Collection was recorded in a book. Blokzijl, in addition to Volvo collector also tree grower, wrote the book Fifty Fifty together with CARROS Magazine editor-in-chief and radio presenter Carlo Brantsen. In this beautiful book, fifty Volvo cars and fifty trees are described, with a nod to CO2 balance.

Colorful stories

To answer questions, details and special colorful stories, the ever-enthusiastic Hans Blokzijl himself will be present at his Volvo's these days to familiarize the visitors within the "Swedish Collection".

You can find more information about the impressive collection on the website of Swedish Collection.

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