Motor vehicle tax exemption (MRB)

classic car enthusiastsOur mission: unconditional retention of the motor vehicle tax exemption (MRB) regulation as we know it until now.

The approach: trust. After all, a government must be reliable. A rule without urgent need to change repeatedly over a period of a few years does not inspire confidence among citizens.

The facts: the state secretary has largely based his views on wrong facts and subjective reports. He also spoke with the wrong authorities; after all, the alliance represents only a part of the old-timer enthusiasts, and some members of that alliance even had completely different interests to defend.

What went wrong so far? Just about everything. From the state secretary's pre-set aversion to young and old-timers to the miserable strategy of the old-timer alliance. Not to mention the other blunders.

We can now turn things around? Yes. We think so. It is not too late yet, but we must now go all out. There are no guarantees, but we will try!


What can you do

Are you the proud owner of one or several old-timers or young-timers, so cars, motorcycles, trucks, 4 × 4, customs and all related trends? Does this changed scheme hit you hard in your wallet? Do you support the preservation of our mobile cultural heritage in a different way? Then you can help us. We must prove to politicians that we have strong and large supporters. The bigger our supporters, the stronger our lobby. Register now at, even if you have signed a petition before. We need at least 14 registrations before May 70.000, otherwise it will not work.

The contribution requested below is incidentally entirely voluntary. If you do not want that, you can simply close the browser window after signing your support.

Also subscribe to the Facebook group 'Old-timer enthusiasts' ( and keep up to date with everything that is going on. And more importantly: share this with your friends, your club, the forums you are in or the editors of your magazine. Help us roll back this draconian measure. Our motto: Together Strong!


About us

Wouter van Embden - chairman of Stichting Autobelangen

Hans Horwitz - entrepreneur

Stefan van Waals - entrepreneur

Arjan Lenoir - fanatic classic enthusiast

Edwin Melotte - collector and entrepreneur

Marco Hof - editor-in-chief Auto Motor Youngtimer

Maria Pels - entrepreneur

Maarten Wilbers - publisher Auto Motor Klassiek

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